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Quick Online Contracting

Our online contracting packages require less back-and-forth so you can get Ready To Sell without losing your patience or your focus on sales success.

Medicare Sales Engine

We built the Medicare Sales Engine to revolutionize Lead management through the power of simplicity. Receive Leads or add your own, manage Lead temperature and record contact history, track commissions and store all necessary contracting forms in one place.

New Lead Generation

The more business you write, the more leads you receive. Our production-driven Lead Generation programs reward your drive for sales and taking care of your clients.

Training Opportunities

We give you the option of virtual and in-person sales and compliance training. Any way you choose, see exactly where your sales strategy meets your clients’ health and be confident about compliance.

Brandon Clay

6 Hours to 6 Figures

We are proud to be an exclusive content partner with best-selling 6 Hours to 6 Figures author Brandon Clay, dedicated to every senior insurance advisor’s success, wherever they are in their sales journey.

Maximum Commissions

With RB Insurance Group you will receive the maximum CMS-allowable commission for each carrier you choose to partner with us. Don’t settle for less — choose RBI.

More about us:

RB Insurance is a national marketing organization with over 30 years of experience in the Medicare market, concentrating on Special Needs and Dual-Eligible plan sales. We are proud to be expanding our business to marketing individual health plans available on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

We develop unique contracting packages that align with brokers’ professional aspirations and fuel their drive for sales success. We are proud to share our passion for partnership and promoting the health of Medicare members and individual health plan clients.

Feel free to learn more about us by clicking on our Contact page. Learn more about contracting opportunities by visiting our easy-to-use Carriers page, which features Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Hospital Indemnity and other product information.

Discover our Marketing products and Support services as well as register for an Event while you’re here. Stay up to date and get Ready To Sell by reading The Agent’s Advantage blog. No matter what you need to make a sale, we will make it happen for you.