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2018 Medicare Broker Compensation Announced!

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services released a memo on May 30th, 2017, detailing the compensation limits for 2018.

The CY 2018 FMV cut-off amounts for all organizations are as follows:

2018 Medicare Broker Compensation

CMS’s 2018 Medicare Broker Compensation

Policies sold for a January 1st, 2018 effective date will be eligible for this new compensation as long as the selling carrier decides to pay the Maximum CMS Allowable Commission.

Needless to say, Medicare Advantage is more attractive than ever to sell as a Broker. If you’ve never thought about selling Medicare Advantage, it’s a good time to consider getting into this side of the business. The 2018 Medicare Broker Compensation is more robust than ever with this new memo. Many beneficiaries prefer a Medicare Advantage plan, and with the new broker compensation for 2018, the gains for brokers are obvious.

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See below for the entire actual memo entitled “Contract Year 2018 Agent and Broker Compensation Rate Adjustments, Submissions, and Training and Testing Requirements.”

CY 18 Agent Broker CompensationTraining Testing Requirements

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