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Senior Sales Coordinator/

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James Gramp

With his signature common sense, quiet good humor, and brilliant customer service, Jim is the other half of the RBI phone answering dynamic duo! An Arizona native, Jim manages agent relationships for the East Coast and specializes in the RBI agent tools, especially the Agent Market Edge. Jim has been a licensed health insurance agent for over a year, and has worked at RBI for 2 years. An accomplished bassoonist, he is known around the office for his amazing musical skills. In addition to keeping busy around the office, Jim frequently contributes to our blog, bringing a new agent’s perspective to the RBI online presence.

5 Ways to Empower Your Sales with RBI

Senior Sales Coordinator/Independent Agent: James Gramp

Our industry is full of Field Marketing Organizations that don’t provide anything in the way of marketing.  In other words, they hold your contract while they watch the sales roll in.  At RBI we believe your FMO should work for you by not only providing you the sales training you need to help you make as many sales as possible, but also partnering with your marketing. That’s why RB Insurance Group has developed one of the best co-op programs, and developed the tools and technology necessary for you to be as successful as you want to be! Here are 5 ways to empower your sales with RBI, because we want to energize your business!

#5 – Introducing the “Every 5 Sales Drive”5 Ways to Empower Your Sales

Every year CMS sets the maximum allowable commission on MA enrollments and we cannot legally pay you more per enrollment.  So how do we legally make your enrollments worth more at RBI?  We allocate marketing dollars for our producing agents so that we can reimburse their marketing costs.  Here’s how the “Every 5 Sales Drive” works!

  • For every 5 Medicare Advantage applications you submit under RBI, you will earn marketing credit
  • Credits expire at the end so make sure you make a MAPS plan to make use of all of your marketing credits
  • Marketing credits are handed out at the end of the effective date’s month (i.e. If you write 5 MA apps for a 2/1 effective date, you will be given your credit at the end of February.)
  • Program available for direct contracted agents only
  • Similar programs available for agencies, but credit amounts will differ

#4 – Print & Fulfillment Partners

We’ve partnered with Touchstone Marketing to provide print and fulfillment services at cost to our contracted agents.  Through the Agent Market Edge portal (RBI’s marketing website) agents can order materials to drive sales.  We get discounts and exclusive pricing on anything from business cards to tablecloths.

We generated and distributed over 12,000 leads to our agents and agency partners this past AEP alone.  Whether you are hosting an event that needs advertising or want to try some of our Direct Mail pieces we can help! Oh, and those Direct Mail pieces? We have guaranteed response rates on our tested mailers.

#3 – Technology and Tools!

Every RBI agent gets their own free account in our proprietary CRM called the Medicare Sales Engine (MSE).  This powerful tool lets you manage your current book of business as well as potential clients.  Here are some key features:

  • Built-in quote tool – with market data like rate increase/decrease history, lives insured, and market penetration
  • Sync appointments with your Google calendar
  • Receive leads in real-time via text and email
  • Two factor authorization for added security
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Spend less time managing data and more time selling!

#2 – Training and Support

The biggest reason new agents struggle in this industry is inadequate training and lack of support.  We believe that every agent should have a business plan they can follow each day to help them reach their goals. At RBI we like to create a MAPS business plan with each of our agents.  What does MAPS stand for?

Your business plan should be:

M – measurable

A – actionable

P – profitable

S – scaleable

Charlie Ferrell, our National Sales Manager, has well over 1,000 enrollments under his belt and knows more about Medicare than most people know about themselves.  We host weekly webinars ranging in topics from how to effectively market in your community, specific cross-selling techniques, and in-depth product knowledge.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the Medicare Market and our ability to make a difference in seniors’ lives, as well as our agents.

#1 Reason to Choose RBI – Accessibility! 

We pick up the phone!  I know, I know, you were probably hoping for “free” leads or some other nonsense. It has been my experience that “free” leads are worth exactly what you paid for them… NOTHING!  On the other hand, I can’t tell you how invaluable our accessibility is, especially during AEP when dealing with an automated directory is frustrating to say the least.  We prioritize agents that are in an appointment and have questions about eligibility or coverage.  There’s nothing like losing a sale because you couldn’t get an answer to your client’s questions in a timely manner.

How is your FMO working to make it happen for you?  If they simply aren’t, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship.  Get contracted with RBI now and make the most out of your FMO relationship! Give us a ring at 1-800-997-3107 or visit us online.

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