Allegian and Harbor Health Plan expand their market share for 2016!

RB Insurance is ready to make more sales happen for our affiliated agents in Texas and Michigan. Allegian Health Plans in the Lone Star State and Harbor Health Plan in the Great Lakes State are set to offer extremely competitive Medicare Advantage plans in new counties for 2016, expanding their total market share.

Allegian Health Plans Shines in an under-served market

Formerly known as Valley Baptist Health Plans, Allegian started as a physician’s network in southern Texas over 15 years ago, providing health care services to Texas residents under Allegian Advantage Insurance Company. It contracted with employers in the lower Rio Grande Valley to administer health benefits to employees. On January 1, 2014, Allegian Advantage made its debut as Texas’ newest HMO providing medical, hospital and prescription drug coverage to Medicare beneficiaries in the lower Rio Grande Valley. The plan was huge success and offered some of the best care in an under-served market.

Harbor Health Plan offers coverage to Motor City members

Since 1996 Harbor Health Plan has provided health care services to Michigan residents, first as ProCare Health Plan and now as Harbor Health Plan, administering Medicaid benefits to residents of Wayne County. Offering what some would call a superior Care Delivery System with over 1,500 contracted physicians and 10 major hospitals in the Detroit area. On January 1, 2014 Harbor Health Plan officially launched Harbor Advantage, a Michigan-based HMO that provides medical, hospital and prescription drug coverage to Medicare beneficiaries living in Wayne County.

Why should you pay attention to these excellent plans

Simply put, these two plans are in a great position to build on their momentum and they want to share their success with independent agents by providing you direct carrier leads. In Texas, Allegian is expanding into San Antonio and El Paso counties for 2016. If you’re an agent working in these markets, add Allegian to your portfolio of senior products to give your clients the freedom to choose the specialist that’s right for them.

In Michigan, Harbor Health Plan is set to hit a home run as it expands into Macomb and Oakland counties for 2016.

As an agent, you’ll love how easy it is to work with these carriers. Even though the benefits aren’t available yet, their Unique Care Delivery System (Open Access, No Referral Networks) provides an unique selling position for you as an agent. Keep checking The Agent’s Advantage and bookmark our redesigned website to say updated!

Your clients will appreciate the freedom to choose how they receive their healthcare as part of a member-focused health plan. Best of all, you’ll receive the maxmium CMS-allowable commission when you choose to represent one of these great plans paid to you directly.

So, are you ready to take advantage of this expansion opportunity? Click here to begin your easy, two-step Harbor Health Plan contracting. Allegian Health Plans contracting is just as easy — just click here.