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Turn to the Girl Scouts for canvassing inspiration

Important note for senior insurance agents: Canvassing can be used to market life insurance and hospital indemnity, but NOT Medicare Advantage. The Medicare Marketing Guidelines prohibit canvassing for any Medicare Advantage product. Canvassing of Medicare Supplements is regulated state-by-state.
Have you found your Joy of Canvassing yet, or do you need more proof that canvassing done right really works?

Tips for agents’ Job No. 1: Prospecting (Part One)

Prospecting is hard work, but it’s Job No. 1 for senior insurance agents. If you don’t have a steady flow of client opportunities, you have to prospect. If you’re an independent agent, prospecting is doubly important because you have the full responsibility of finding clients. If you’re captive, your company is counting on you to augment its marketing efforts with your own opportunity cultivation.

The Joy of Canvassing: Be confident when prospecting life insurance

Important note: Canvassing can be used to market life insurance, but NOT Medicare Advantage. The Medicare Marketing Guidelines prohibit canvassing for any Medicare Advantage product.
As a young child, a rainy Saturday afternoon would have me sitting in front of the television (before cable!) with four programming choices: CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS. “Sesame Street” would just be signing off and Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting.” would come on. He would stand in front of a blank canvas and say, “What do I see today? A happy little tree could go right here or a singing bird would go perfect there.”

Send clients your very own Annual Notification of Change letter this AEP

irst, clients receive their Annual Notification of Change (ANOC) correspondence from their current carrier. Carriers may also conduct telephonic outreach at the same time because they’re set on preserving your client as their member. This works in your favor if the plan’s benefits are still strong and the member had a good experience during the year. But it can make your job tougher if your client thinks finding better plan is in order this AEP.

Don’t give up on prospecting Medicare Advantage and life insurance!

The word alone conjures images of doors slamming in our face and telephone hang ups while we scramble to finish our sales pitch. And yet it’s the first stage of the sales process that can lead you to 6-figure senior insurance sales success.
Even if you’ve heard that 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, you’ve probably wondered how you can even reach them with all the rules, regulations and market challenges that are part of the industry. To make matters worse, seniors are flooded with marketing materials during AEP from carriers and other agents and might not be in the mood to hear yet another pitch. This is why you have to reach them with smart prospecting.

You really can generate 6 figures in the senior insurance industry. Here’s how.

Sales professionals needed to earn $10,000 a month! We’ve all seen the ads before, right?

I have to admit that early in my sales career, I was wooed by these kinds of classifieds. The great paradox about them is that in sales, incomes in the coveted 6-figure range are possible, particularly in the rapidly growing senior insurance advisor profession. As I mentioned in last week’s post, what sets someone earning this type of income and someone struggling to earn apart is their knowledge of and adherence to a proven system.