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2020 AHIP certification update

It’s our favorite time of the year, right behind AEP. That’s right, it’s time for AHIP TESTING and carrier certifications! You have probably seen the emails coming directly from AHIP telling you that AHIP has been released for 2020. Sure, you can go ahead and follow those links and pay the full retail price of $175 or…. You could follow your favorite FMO’s link and get the exact same course for a whopping $50 off. No strings attached. Well, there is one small one. You have to sign up for our blog in order to get the discount, but I promise we won’t SPAM you. Since you are reading this article, there is a good possibility you’re already signed up anyway. 

2020 AHIP has changed their ways this year too. Here’s what you need to know:

  • There is a timer on every slide. You can no
    longer just click-through the slide deck to the end

    • We have found that using Firefox
      instead of Chrome or Edge as your browser will allow you to move through the
      slides quicker
  • Quizzes have changed. You must answer every
    question until you get it correct.

For those of you new to Medicare Advantage, this really isn’t a
deal breaker and the more time you spend on each slide, the better your chance of
the information actually sinking in to the huge brain of yours.

We have partnered with AHIP for 2020 to offer our agents a generous, no-obligation $50 discount when you take the exam through RBI. You can always procrastinate and follow the carrier’s links (when they come out next week OR NEXT MONTH!) but go ahead and give us a try. Here’s the AHIP Discount link!

That’s not all!

Because we are so excited about this offer, we have decided to sweeten the deal. Let us pay for your AHIP certification!

  • Contract directly with RB Insurance Group with 3 Medicare Advantage carriers.
  • Make 5 Medicare Advantage enrollments with RB Insurance Group during AEP.
  • We will send you a check in the mail for $125 after the policy effective date.

You’re also invited to join us for a fun and informative webinar hosted by our National Sales Manager, Charlie Ferrell. He will offer useful advice for taking the 2020 AHIP certification so register today!

Register for “Ace
the AHIP 2020
”  Here’s what
we’ll cover:

— Tips on how to study for the 2020 AHIP
— Practical advice for once you’re taking the test
— Pass the AHIP the first time!
— BIG changes this year to how to study for the exam

Register here now!

Want more reasons to sell Medicare Advantage plans?

How about we just got a raise! CMS just increased the Initial Compensation to $510 for a beneficiary just enrolling into Medicare and raised the renewal rate to $255. Most carriers pay lifetime commissions so if you enroll a client into a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time in 2020, that client is worth more than $2200 over 10 years. We make it easy to stay in front of and keep track of your clients with our proprietary Medicare Sales Engine CRM. We also make it easy to contract with our Fast-Track contracting process.