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Advise your client on hospital observation stays

Say your Medicare Advantage client goes to the local emergency room with a rapid heart beat and shortness of breath. After triage, the attending ER physician advises her to remain in the hospital for a while so he can make sure she’s stable. For two and a half days, your client is attended to by […]

Online enrollment is the new normal for Medicare Supplement sales

I’ll say it again: Online enrollment is becoming the new normal for the Supplement business. While some documents must be left with your client based on state and carrier regulations, these e-enroll systems eliminate most of the need for constantly reviewing paper forms that Agents have carried to appointments for decades. Many carriers offer easy-to-use, downloadable enrollment programs for desktops and laptops. Tablet apps can be used with Internet for immediate submission or offline for use when a Web connection is later available.

Think of Medicare.gov as your sales asset

Most independent agents offering Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans are at least generally aware of Medicare’s official website, though relatively few of them think of it as a sales asset. Medicare.gov is a handy tool for determining MA plan availability by ZIP code, and it also offers filtering options to determine a client […]

Contract with Guarantee Trust Life (GTL) hospital indemnity to earn more commission

Find out how to sell Guarantee Trust Life hospital indemnity plans. Click here to contract with GTL today!

We all know our Medicare Advantage commission advance shrinks as the year progresses, so what can we do to maintain our income stream?

Guarantee Trust Life has your answer. Commissions for its Advantage Plus hospital indemnity plan are paid weekly, directly to you from the carrier, and simple yes-or-no underwriting makes for jet-speed submission. Advantage Plus helps fill the gaps in popular Medicare Advantage and ACA individual plans at a superbly reasonable premium, something your clients will undoubtedly appreciate.

Add dental to your portfolio to make you and your clients smile

Let me start with a question: Do you offer Medicare Advantage Plans or Part D Prescription drug plans? Those of us who do have learned to navigate prospect contact guidelines from CMS, which restrict what and how much we can market in the appointment. In getting used to these rules, we may be forgetting how […]