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Avoid Allegation - protect wallet

Medicare: Avoiding a Sales Allegation

A few weeks ago I had to answer an inquiry regarding an AEP enrollment in the Phoenix area. I spent a ton of time doing pre-enrollment research for this lovely lady. She is one of those HMO members who do not want an “expensive” Medicare Supplement but wants to have a full and unlimited universe of doctors and other providers.

Cross-Selling: Start with your Book of Business

I am going to speak to some commonly missed lock-in period cross-selling opportunities and other related musings. Keep on the lookout for another article where I touch on problem clients and when to fire them!

Certifications and Planning your AEP

It’s that dreadful time of year again when millions of insurance agents across the US lament the very idea of certifications. I know that I’m certainly not looking forward to taking the AHIP yet again and all of my carrier certifications. At RB Insurance, we make certification season as painless as possible for agents.

Referrals: Building your referral network. Download this free white paper to learn

Have you ever wondered how some agents are so successful by only working off of referrals? Download our whitepaper now!
Stay Focused on Earning Money

Stay focused on earning money

At the beginning of the year, we talked about how to set realistic goals for the year, and how to make sure your opportunities from AEP didn’t slip away. If you’ve been dedicated about working hard on your plan this whole time, chances are you’re getting a little worn-out. Human nature being what it is, it’s easy to get busy on the things that don’t actually make you money.
Unlock Your Best AEP Yet

5 Quick Opportunities Now to Unlock Your Best AEP

It's not too early to plan AEP! Here's 5 quick opportunities from RB Insurance Group to take advantage of right now and unlock your best AEP yet.
Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 4

Video: Carrier Hall of Fame Week 4

If you missed this week, the RBI sales team brings highlights of each carrier! Watch the videos: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 4! Click here.
insurance CRM

Looking for an Insurance CRM? 5 Reasons to love the Medicare Sales Engine

If you have been looking for a reliable, convenient and easy-to-use insurance CRM, look no further! Today I want to tell you more about RB Insurance's flagship sales and lead management system: the Medicare Sales Engine (MSE).
Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 4

Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 3

ICYMI the third week's videos, here’s the RBI sales team to break down the highlights of each carrier, and what they do for your portfolio. Watch the videos: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 3!



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