Brandon Clay wants to make you a trusted senior insurance advisor

If you haven’t been mentored by Brandon Clay, you may have been missing out on an entertaining and empowering sales training experience. That is, until this very Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, The Agent’s Advantage is excited to share original, easy to digest posts from the bestselling Sales Crumb Trilogy and 6 Hours to 6 Figures author on topics relevant to any agent. Brandon has also made his tried and true 6 Hours to 6 Figures training available online with an exclusive discount for RB Insurance-affiliated agents.

As you serve, you deserve

With over 20 years of experience in the senior insurance industry and an education from what he calls the school of hard knocks, Brandon teaches agents to approach sales as an opportunity not just to help a deserving group of people meet their needs, but to make earning a six-figure income part of their professional success. Reaching out to agents wherever they may be in their formation ties him closely to RB Insurance’s mission of making success happen for our partners.

“The real effort phase of this business turns a lot of good people away because they don’t get the development and mentoring they need,” Brandon says. “I was very fortunate to get a sales mentor in this business when I was at the high point of my own struggle.”

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Integrity is Priceless

He adds that agents need a clear motivation and purpose to get them through the “how” of what can be the challenges of the senior insurance industry.

“The only thing that can make someone withstand the No. 1 fear of rejection in an appointment or make them go through all the challenges that, quite frankly, weed out a lot of people is having enough ‘why’ to get you through the ‘how,’ the things you have to do day in and day out,” Brandon says.

Build a portfolio of products and cultivate an audience

That “why” goes beyond conviction for Brandon. Though he aims to inspire and motivate agents, he also maps out the typical Medicare beneficiary’s budget and health needs, showing agents how to offer more than one carrier’s plan plus selling more than one type of plan to take comprehensive care of a prospective client. It may sound tedious, but that’s where Brandon’s charm and penchant for storytelling comes in to show sales are truly about the agent-client relationship.

In the process of teaching agents how to sell a portfolio, Brandon sets the course for increased earnings from a typical agent income of $35,000 to $100,000 or more in a year to a year and a half’s time. He says earning clients’ trust has its ultimate payoff when they refer friends and family.

“What I think throws most agents off besides tending to be one-product-minded and focused is not really learning to cultivate and build an audience,” he says. That’s why he’s dedicated most of the 6 Hours modules to these subjects.

Getting tangible results

“When you bring it all together, my content has to bring you tangible results,” Brandon says when asked what agents’ greatest takeaway from his books and programs is. “Because of my participation in this industry I use the analogy of taking billion-dollar concepts and hitting them against the kitchen table where most sales are being done.”

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