Take Action Tuesday: weekly action items to build a stronger business

Build Momentum in 2017

— From the Desk of Bob Bever

I hope you took a few days off over the holidays to enjoy your family and to relax after AEP. It’s hard to believe it’s January already, and time to put that momentum from AEP to work! Let’s hit the ground running!  Here’s what I focus on this time of year:

Reach out to clients:

I usually give my clients a call over the holiday season or early January, especially new clients. New clients often run into challenges in January when their plan becomes effective, and it’s important that your clients know that you’re here for them. For any existing clients that are already on your books, it’s still essential to touch base with them to wish them happy holidays, and thank them for their business. In every call to my clients, I remind them that I am here as a resource for any family member or friend who has questions about Medicare. Above all, I know that a simple phone call will keep my name fresh in everyone’s minds — it is a personal touch that will keep my business on the books and will generate more business.

Plan the coming year:

The other target of my attention in the beginning of the year is putting together a business plan. I consider the following questions. How much income do I want to make? How many sales do I want to generate? Am I currently on target to meet these goals? I have found that it is ill advised to only do your best during AEP, and plan your financial goals for the year around AEP. Instead, as a self-employed professional, I come up with a monthly quota of sales or income for myself, and plan daily goals to hit those numbers.

Expand business lines:

As part of my new plan moving forward into the New Year, I take a look at my portfolio. Am I contracted with the most popular carriers in my area for Medicare Supplements?  Have I diversified my portfolio with Medicare-related products like Hospital Indemnity?  Often times with Supplements, the choices come down to money spent, so see if you are contracted with competitive carriers. Do the same thing with Hospital Indemnity products like GTL or Medico. Hospital Indemnity plans especially are becoming more important because the cost of hospital visits are skyrocketing.

Get involved in the community:

A lot of people are looking for an expert to help their parents and their friends’ parents with Medicare. An age group that often gets overlooked is those who are between 45-50. People who are in this age group often have parents, aunts, uncles or friends that are turning 65, and know nothing about Medicare. Becoming the go-to expert for these people starts with community involvement. I focus my efforts on food banks, church and social clubs for Medicare 101 presentations, and build my relationship with social workers, as well.

Do you have a plan for your business for this New Year?  If not, it’s time to get started!

If you need help creating a plan and breaking it down into achievable daily chunks, we have the best organization in the country to help you out! Get in touch with our marketing and sales team at 1-800-997-3107, and build momentum with RBI’s MAPS method for success!

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