Add dental to your portfolio to make you and your clients smile

Let me start with a question: Do you offer Medicare Advantage Plans or Part D Prescription drug plans? Those of us who do have learned to navigate prospect contact guidelines from CMS, which restrict what and how much we can market in the appointment. In getting used to these rules, we may be forgetting how our contact with current clients is under less scrutiny.

Dental insurance and dental discount plans are a great way to polish your marketing strategy for current clients, especially during the lock-in period, because they are not subject to CMS marketing rules. Dental plans are also the second most requested plans after primary health insurance, and due to the Affordable Care Act many large and small companies have eliminated sponsored or voluntary dental plans. Discount dental plans have become increasingly attractive because dental plans are getting more expense and subject to various limitations, waiting periods and exclusions.

If you need a few more reasons why dental should be a part of your portfolio, I’ve got seven of ’em:

Dental insurance and dental discount plans are not subject to CMS marketing rules, which makes them a great strategy for selling during lock-in and caring for your clients.

  • Immediate coverage — No waiting periods for full benefits.
  • 20 to 60 percent savings with contracted providers.
  • No claim forms and transparent fees.
  • 25 percent level commission rate, lifetime.
  • Dental discount plans can be sold across most state lines (Not available in MT, VT or WA).
  • Careington, one the most popular dental discount plans with more than 9 million members in the United States provides an agent retail site and URL for your clients with online enrollment.
  • Unlike Medicare Advantage or Part D, you can phone and email your clients! No scope of appointment necessary.

Read more about building your client base with dental and find an immediate contracting opportunity by clicking the link.

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