2018 Medicare Cost-Sharing

Medicare cost-sharing

RBI National Sales Manager: Charlie Ferrell

Charlie started his senior insurance career after a brief 30-year stint in the restaurant industry. In the 12 years since then, he has been blazing trails and setting standards for excellence all over! A native son of Utah, he has been a state manager for RBI as well as a managing general agent for UHC, Coventry, Molina and other carriers! Charlie came to RBI as the National Sales Manager in 2015, and is an invaluable resource for our agents and staff for marketing, compliance, and sales topics! Charlie’s field experience with senior insurance sales has made him an expert in our insurance CRM: Medicare Sales Engine. If all of that wasn’t enough, Charlie specializes in the Dual-Eligible market and is leading the charge behind RBI’s new “Dual Eligibles for Newbies” seminars!

2018 Medicare Cost-Sharing

Medicare has released the 2018 Medicare cost-sharing amounts and MOOP for standardized Medicare Supplement Plans. Without further ado, here it is!

Medicare cost-sharing

Part A – Hospital Insurance


  • $1,340 (+$24) deductible per benefit period.
  • $335 (+$6) for days 61-90.
  • $670 (+$12) for 60 lifetime reserve days (days 91-150.)

Skilled Nursing

  • $167.50/day (+$3) for days 21-100.

Part A premium

  • $422 if you’ve worked less than 30 quarters.
  • $232 if you’ve worked over 30 quarters but less than 40.

Part B – Medical Insurance

  • $134 premium. Deductible remains at $183.
  • Cost-sharing remains the same for Part B services, Medicare pays 80% and the beneficiary pays 20%.

Part D – Prescriptions

Deductible – $405

  • The standard part D deductible for 2018 is $405.  Many plans however have eliminated the deductible entirely.

Initial coverage limit – $3,750

  • After the deductible has been met, beneficiaries enter into stage 2, the Initial Coverage Limit.  At which point beneficiaries will either pay 25% or more typically they will have co-pays for tiers 1 – 5.
  • Once the retail amount (what you pay + what the carrier pays) of your prescriptions reaches $3,750 for the year, beneficiaries will enter into gap also known as the “doughnut hole.”

Coverage Gap/”Doughnut hole” TROOP- $5,000

  • Once in stage 3, more commonly referred to as the “Gap” or the “Doughnut-Hole” beneficiaries will be paying 35% for brand name drugs and 44% for generics.
  • After out-of-pocket (what you and the manufacturer pay) costs reach $5,000 beneficiaries will enter into stage 4 or “Catastrophic Coverage.”

Catastrophic Coverage

Medicare cost-sharing

  • Once in stage 4, beneficiaries will pay the greater of:
    • 5% OR
    • $3.35 copay for generics and $8.35 copay for all other drugs.

Prescription drug coverage premiums range from $12.70 and up.

Part C – Medicare Advantage plans

Premiums for Medicare Advantage plans range from $0 and up.

Max-out-of-Pocket – $6,700

Cost sharing for Medicare Supplement plans

  • Deductible for the High Deductible plan F is $2240 (+40)
  • MOOP
    • Plan K – $5240 (+$120)
    • Plan L – $2660 (+$60)

We hope everyone is having a successful AEP and thank you all for your hard work!  While AEP ends in a little over a week, it’s important to remember that there is an incredible year-round opportunity in the Medicare market that most agents aren’t taking advantage of.  To jump start your business in the new year, the time to start is RIGHT NOW!  Plan out community events and any marketing necessities to keep the momentum going.  If you want help with marketing, contact us to do a MAPS plan.

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2018 Anthem Certification

2018 Anthem Certification2018 Anthem Certification

Ready to jump head-first into your Medicare Advantage certifications?  

Today’s big news is that the 2018 Anthem Certification launched on Wednesday, June 28th, and is now live! Have you taken your certification yet? A couple things to keep in mind as more carrier certifications become available:

  1. Get them done as soon as they come out!  Yes, this includes your AHIP too – Click Here to claim your $50 discount and have the opportunity to get the remaining cost of your AHIP reimbursed!
  2. “Do I have the most competitive products in my area?” Have you evaluated your portfolio recently? If the answer is no, now’s the time to get moving on research for the cornerstone carriers in your area. It’s time to get started on contracting!
  3. “What is my Upline doing to help me be a more successful Medicare broker?” – There are 5 criteria for a truly successful FMO-agent partnership. Learn how RBI is a “Different Kind of FMO” today!
  4. Think about your marketing strategy going into AEP.  Do you have a marketing plan laid out that is Measurable, Actionable, Profitable, and Scalable? If you said “no” or that you didn’t know, it’s time to call and get an appointment with our Sales and Marketing team. We can help your AEP be the best yet!

Webinar Wednesday + Thursday:

Stressing out about taking the 2018 AHIP certification?  Join RBI National Sales Manager, Charlie Ferrell, on July 13th at 9:00am PST and learn how you can ace your AHIP on the very first try – Click Here to register!

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2018 Amerigroup Certification

2018 Amerigroup Certification

I bet I know what you’ll be doing over this 4th of July weekend.  Taking your 2018 Amerigroup certification!  All kidding aside, it’s always best to get your certifications done as they are released.  Not only will you rest easy in September, knowing that all of your certifications are done, but it will also let you finalize any last details of your marketing plan.

Don’t have a marketing plan you say?  Look no further!  When you partner with RB Insurance Group, we will sit down with you and develop a customized marketing plan with you.  We will evaluate your current business and help you reach your sales goals by developing a plan that plays to your strengths!  RBI truly is a “Different Kind of FMO.”

Webinar Wednesday + Thursday:

Stressing out about taking the 2018 AHIP certification?  Join National Sales Manager, Charlie Ferrell, on July 13th at 9:00am PT and learn how you can ace your AHIP on the very first try – Click Here to register!

Curious to know how RBI can take your Medicare business to new heights? Join Onboarding Manager, Rebecca Howard, on July 6th at 9:00am PT and learn about all of our proprietary tools, technology, and outstanding service – Click Here to register!

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Cigna-Healthspring Sanctions Lifted

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for: 

Cigna-Healthspring Sanctions have been lifted! 

Cigna-Healthspring Sanctions Lifted!

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Cigna-Healthspring Sanctions Lifted as of June 16, 2017

Great news for all you Cigna-Healthspring contracted agents out there: the Cigna-Healthspring Sanctions have been lifted!

As of Friday, June 16, 2017, Cigna-Healthspring has returned to active marketing and enrollment.

What does this mean for you?

Any Cigna-Healthspring Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D prescription drug plans can be sold for effective dates on or after July 1, 2017.

How do I get started?

To be ready to sell or receive sales materials, you will have to go thru a CMS required Certification Refresher Course. If you do not complete this course, you will not be able to pick up sales materials, and you will not get paid on any new sales.

Cigna-Healthspring Sanctions Lifted

What about Sales Materials for the rest of this year?

Contact your local sales manager for sales materials after you complete the refresher course.  (If you live in AZ and are contracted with RBI, then you would let us know if you want materials).

Here are a few FAQ’s for your reference:

  • The CMS certification is separate from any product certifications you’ve already completed, and separate from the 2018 product certifications.
  • If you would like to sell 2018 Cigna-Healthspring MA plans, or PDP plans, you would still need to complete the 2018 certifications that will be released in the next couple of months.
  • The CMS Refresher Certification can be found on the Cigna-Healthspring Producers website, the same as you would find any other Cigna product certifications.
  • Cigna is now a 4.5 Star Plan, so it can only be sold outside of Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) to people who have a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). Legally Cigna can’t have a 5 star plan as they come out of sanctions.

Don’t yet have Cigna but want to pick it up? Click here to request the contract today! And don’t forget about our great $50 off AHIP discount!

2018 Certification: Humana MAPD

2018 certification Humana2018 Humana Certification

Ready to jump head-first into your Medicare Advantage certifications?  

Humana has announced the release of their upcoming Medicare Advantage/PDP 2018 certification.  When that date is depends on if you are certifying with Humana for the first time, or if you’re a returning agent.  Humana has closed their 2017 certification on June 16th.  Click the button below to access the 2018 certification after it goes live.

Don’t wait to finish your 2018 certifications until the last moment!  By the time September rolls around you should be finalizing your MAPS Marketing Plan for the Annual Enrollment Period.  Click Here for the latest information on Medicare Advantage certifications as they’re released! Check out this article from RBI Sales Coordinator, Jim Gramp AKA the Medi-Gramp, to see how he prepares for AEP.

2018 certification for newly contracted agents will launch on July 11th.

2018 certification for returning agents will launch on July 18th.

After you have login to Humana’s agent portal, click on the “Humana MarketPoint University” button under the “Education” header that is pictured below (middle of the screen, towards the bottom).

2018 certification Humana

Upcoming Webinar Wednesday’s:2018 certification

June 14th @ 12pm EST – Join Director of Marketing, Justin Bever, to Eliminate the Stress, Fear, and Anxiety of AEP and Certification Planning.

June 21st @12pm EST – Join National Sales Manager, Charlie Ferrell, and learn how you can Ace the AHIP on your FIRST attempt while saving $50!

Looking to take your Medicare business to new heights?  Give us a call today to learn about how RB Insurance Group will make it happen for you!  1-800-997-3107

The Latest: 2019 Medicare Advantage Certifications

 2022 Medicare Advantage Certifications

It’s that time of year again, folks! Time to dust off the keyboard, brew a strong pot of coffee, and plow through the annual Medicare Advantage Certification training! As dull and monotonous as it can be, certifications are critical part of keeping up to speed on the most recent plan and policy changes. (Also, you won’t get paid if you don’t complete them!)

Every MA carrier likes to do things a little bit differently, so in an effort to make your life a little easier, we’ve rounded up the most current information available to us. Check back frequently, we will continue to update as more plans release their 2022 certifications!

Medicare Advantage Certifications by Plan

Click on a Carrier or Scroll Down

Aetna  | AllWell | Amerigroup | AnthemBright Health |  Cigna Healthspring  |  Gateway  |  Humana | SilverScript | United Healthcare  |  WellCare

2022 Aetna Certification

Product Training: Released June 29th, 2021

 Click Here for Aetna’s Certification site

Compliance Training:

Carrier Support:


2022 AllWell Certification

Product Training: Available July 7th, 2021

Click here to access AllWell’s Certification portal

2022 Amerigroup Certification

Available in: NJ, NM, TN, TX, WA

Product Training: Released June 30th, 2021

Click Here to access Amerigroup’s certification portal

Compliance Training:

Carrier Support:


2022 Anthem Certification

Avialable in: CA, CO. CT, GA, IN, KY, ME, MO, NV, NH, NY, OH, VA, WI

Product Training: Released June 30th, 2021

Click Here to access Anthem’s certification portal

Carrier Support:


2021 Bright Health Certification

Product Training:

Click here for certification login

Compliance Training: 

Carrier Support: 


2022 Cigna HealthSpring Certification

Cigna HealthSpring Medicare Advantage Certifications

Product Training: 2022 certification TBA

Cigna’s training site

Compliance Training:

Carrier Support:

1-800-973-9183 opt 2

2022 Gateway Certification

Product Training:


You should receive instructions from Gateway.

We will update all agents as soon as we receive the new contracting and certification information from Gateway.

Target Certification Release Date is August.

If you receive an error or do not receive the email, please contact agent support

Click here for instructions

Compliance Training:

Carrier Support:


2022 Humana Certification

Product Training: Released June 29th, 2021

 Humana Broker Portal

Compliance Training:

Carrier Support:


2022 United Certification

Product Training: Released June 28th, 2021

 United Health Producer Portal

Compliance Training:

Carrier Support:

Producer Help Desk: 1-888–381–8581

2022 WellCare Certification

Product Training: Available July 7th, 2021

All agents should have received an email with Username and password

Compliance Training:

 WellCare Certification Portal

Carrier Support:

Wellcare Producer Contacts

United Healthcare 2018 Certification

RBI Senior Sales Coordinator/Independent Agent: James Gramp

With his signature common sense, quiet good humor, and brilliant customer service, Jim is the other half of the RBI phone answering dynamic duo! An Arizona native, Jim manages agent relationships for the East Coast and specializes in the RBI agent tools, especially the Agent Market Edge. Jim has been a licensed health insurance agent for over a year, and has worked at RBI for 2 years. An accomplished bassoonist, he is known around the office for his amazing musical skills. In addition to keeping busy around the office, Jim frequently contributes to our blog, bringing a new agent’s perspective to the RBI online presence.

United Healthcare 2018 Certification

Last year we created a super handy master certifications page on our blog so that agents could easily access all of their certification portals from one spot.  Fear not!  As we draw closer to AEP and more carrier certifications become available we will update our 2017 certifications page for the 2018 certification season.  United Healthcare is the first Medicare Advantage carrier to announce the opening of their 2018 certification, which will be June 26th.  Click the button below to access the UHC certification once it has been released.

Five reasons to not procrastinate this certification season!

If you’re like me, you are going to get your AHIP out of the way as soon as possible.  For me, that’s the day it comes out, June 19th.  I know what you’re thinking, “it’s your job to get it done ASAP,” and you wouldn’t be wrong.  So here are the top 5 reasons to knock out AHIP and carrier certifications as they become available.

  1. The closer you get to AEP to do your certifications, the longer it takes carriers to process paperwork and background checks.  I’ve seen it take up to 6 weeks before agents got their “Ready to Sell” status.

    2018 - Ace the AHIP Live Workshop

    Get ‘er done!

  2. The sooner you get your certifications done, the sooner you can start crafting your marketing plan for AEP (sending ANOC letters, calling all clients, scheduling events and so on).
  3. If you plan on doing any kind of events during AEP, the sooner you have your certifications done, the less likely the locations you have picked out will be booked.
  4. You will not be able to order or pick up any Sales Materials until you are marked as “Ready to Sell” with that particular carrier.
  5. And finally, the last reason you shouldn’t procrastinate when it comes to Medicare certifications: PEACE OF MIND.

That moment an agent tells me they finished AHIP before August

Webinar Wednesday – June 14th

Join RBI Director of Marketing, Justin Bever, on June 14th at 12pm ET to see how RBI Eliminates the Stress, Fear, and Anxiety of Certification and AEP Planning to learn how we’re going to approach the 2018 certification season.

If you don’t want to be frantically running around before the Annual Enrollment Period, then do yourself a favor and don’t procrastinate.  Just get it done, start planning for your AEP, and let RB Insurance Group make this your most successful Annual Enrollment Period yet!

Want to learn how RBI can take your Medicare business to the next level?  Get contracted today, or give us a call at 1-800-997-3107!

Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 3

Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 3 (ICYMI)

Hey, you! We’re back again! As you know, this whole month we’re bringing you the scoop on our RBI Carrier-Partners with “Carrier Spring Training” month! It’s been a great month so far (we’ve definitely learned new things every day!) and we cannot believe that next week is our last week! The time certainly has flown by. If you missed the webinars this week and don’t have time to re-watch them, here’s the RBI sales team to break down the highlights of each carrier, and what they do for your portfolio. Watch the videos below: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 3!

To start things off this week, we heard from Mutual of Omaha, on Monday! Then Tuesday, we had a webinar from GTL or Guarantee Trust Life, followed by RBI’s own Quoting Tool on Wednesday, and wrapped up the week with a presentation on SilverScript on Thursday! Our presenters this week — thanks a million: you guys are the best! — were Ken Colvard (Mutual of Omaha and SilverScript), Greg Esposito (GTL) and Brien Welch (RBI Quoting Tool). We watched these webinars and were so impressed with the knowledge base that they bring to the table, as well as some of the great new plans available to agents and members. There was a lot to go over, so here’s the four highlight videos from this week!

RBI Carrier Training Highlights Team:

  • Mutual of Omaha by Charlie Ferrell
  • Guarantee Trust Life by James Gramp
  • RBI’s Quoting Tool by Justin Bever
  • SilverScript by Rebecca Howard

Monday, April 17, 2017 at 9 AM

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 9 AM

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 9 AM

Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 9 AM

Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 3

Look for this symbol on all our new “Carrier Hall of Fame” videos!

When you think about these three carriers, it’s important to understand how each brings something different into your portfolio. Whether you focus on Medicare Supplements, Hospital Indemnity or PDP plans, it’s important to have products that fit well together. And not just each other, but products that will serve the needs of your clients. In addition, this week you may have noticed a bit of a technology theme developing. Each carrier this week has a focus on making your life as an agent easier with online enrollments. And RBI’s quoting tool fits right into this theme. If you aren’t taking advantage of the technology and tools available to you at RBI, now is the time!

Watch the recording: Mutual of Omaha. Watch the recording: Guarantee Trust Life. Watch the recording: RBI Quote Tool. Watch the recording: SilverScript.

Click here to get contracted. Click here to see all our contracted carriers.

Sign up for the next webinars today! Click here to see the full calendar.

  • Monday, April 24 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT – “Hit a Fastball with Molina” Register
  • Tuesday, April 25 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT – “Be a Power Hitter with Cigna” Register
  • Wednesday, April 26 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT – “Be a Clean-up Hitter with Gateway” Register
  • Wednesday, April 26 at 10:30 AM MST/12:30 PM CDT – “Pitch a Shut-Out with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas” Register
  • Thursday, April 27 at 9 AM MST/12 PM MST – “Be a Hometown Slugger with Harbor Health Plan” Register
  • Thursday, April 27 at 10 AM MST/12 PM CDT – “Load the Bases with Allegian” Register

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Did you miss last week’s webinars? Watch the full recording: Aetna. Watch the full recording: United Healthcare. Watch the full recording: Humana.

All videos are for agent use only.

Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 2

Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 2 (ICYMI)

So if you’ve been following along this week on all our emails and event calendar, you know that April is “Carrier Spring Training” month! We are so excited for this new initiative, and just finished up our second week of webinars! But if you missed these webinars and don’t have time to re-watch them, here’s the RBI sales team to break down the highlights of each carrier, and what they do for your portfolio. Watch the video below: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 2!

This week, we collaborated with Aetna, Humana, and United Healthcare. A huge shout-out to our presenters, Daniel Santos (Aetna), Kirk Sanich (Humana), and our own Charlie Ferrell stepping in for Ken Colvard (United Healthcare), who did a fantastic job showcasing their products and what makes them compelling for members.

RBI Carrier Training Highlights:

  • Aetna by Rebecca Howard
  • Humana by James Gramp
  • United Healthcare by Charlie Ferrell

Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 2

Look for this symbol on all our new “Carrier Hall of Fame” videos!

The RBI bottom line is that all three of these carriers offer something different and that they work together nicely to fill out your portfolio as a senior insurance advisor. We recommend that you contract with all three today because everyone is different and it’s important to have the products that fit the needs of your clients.

Watch the recording: Aetna Webinar. Watch the recording: Humana Webinar. Watch the recording: United Healthcare Webinar.

Click here to get contracted. Click here to see all our contracted carriers.

Sign up for next week’s webinars today!

  • Monday, April 17 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT“Hit a Homer with Mutual of Omaha” Register.
  • Tuesday, April 18 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT“Steal Second with GTL” Register.
  • Wednesday, April 19 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT“Bat 1.000 with RBI’s Quoting Tool” Register.
  • Thursday, April 20 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT“Out of the Ballpark with SilverScript” Register.

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Did you miss last week’s webinars? Watch the full recording: American Continental Webinar. Watch the full recording: Equitable webinar. Watch the full recording: Medico webinar.

All videos are for agent use only.

Mergers and Acquisitions

2019 United Healthcare

(Updated on February 9, 2017. ) I’m sure you have all heard the news that the Federal government is suing to stop 2 healthcare mergers and acquisitions from happening. The latest news has both Aetna/Humana and Anthem/Cigna at odds with the Justice department. Both cases should be wrapped up soon.

Aetna would potentially owe Humana a “break-up” fee of $1 billion if their deal is not closed by February 15th, 2017 while Anthem would owe Cigna a $1.8 billion fee if that deal is not done by April 30, 2017. Aetna and Humana are vigorously defending their position to allow the sale to proceed. The Anthem/Cigna merger has had several setbacks and is in question.

On the Aetna/Humana merger: (Blocked January 23, 2017)

  • Aetna/Humana released a statement announcing a sale of some of their Medicare Assets to Molina Healthcare. You can see the press release here. The asset sale is contingent upon the sale of Humana to Aetna being completed.
  • The DOJ called Molina a junk-bond-rated company and Molina responded they could easily shoulder the additional 290,000 members in addition to their current membership of roughly 4.3 million lives, and restated their position as the 10th largest health insurer in the country hardly qualifies it as “junk status.”
  • In its final argument, Aetna said, “The government has rested its case upon theory and speculation from beginning to end.”

On the Cigna/Anthem merger: (Blocked February 8, 2017 )

  • Attorneys for the federal government have said that the deal would harm competition in the national insurance market. Anthem countered they are only a regional player licensed in 14 states.
  • The merger would make the combined carrier number 2 nationally in overall lives insured second only to United Healthcare.
  • In some markets, the combined carrier would reduce the number of insures down to 3. The federal government says the competition between Cigna and Anthem in these markets is leading to innovation, while keeping prices down. Anthem and Cigna contend that the merger will decrease prices due to better bargaining power with large provider groups, lowering costs to the consumers even more.

Both of these were bench trials and final arguments have been made.  The Anthem/Cigna merger is expected to be blocked but there is no time frame for the ruling. The outcome of the Aetna/Humana merger was blocked today on Antitrust grounds. Aetna has said it plans to appeal the DOJ ruling.

We are continuing to follow these carrier mergers and acquisitions, and will bring you up-to-date information on our blog.  Click here to subscribe!