Low Income Subsidy (LIS) and MSP’s for seniors

Every year I meet two or three people who do not know they are eligible to receive Low Income Subsidy (LIS) benefits to reduce their prescription drug costs. They also don’t know about Medicare Savings Programs (MSP’s) that cover the cost of their Medicare Part B premium. Once I sit down with these folks at the kitchen table and help them see real savings, I know I’ve made a meaningful impact in their life and can add a lifetime client to my book of business who is more than happy to send friends and family my way.

You can save your client up to $300 a month or more by helping them apply for LIS and other Medicare Savings programs. Most programs do not require them to be a full dual-eligible. Individuals who make between 100-135 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) can apply to have their Medicare Part D premium covered and their prescription cost sharing significantly reduced as well as their Medicare Part B premium covered. Click here for a link to your state’s programs.

I recently went on an appointment with one of our new agents in Arizona, and we helped a woman save $325 a month. Taking away her $35 Part D premium and reducing the cost of her prescriptions saved her $225 per month. We also saved her $104 a month on her Part B premium. It gives you a good feeling inside when both you and the client have tears in your eyes because you have had such a profound effect on their lives.

If you can help a senior that is on a fixed income save more than $3,600 per year, it will make a huge difference in their lives. Based on my experience it’s the difference between being able to afford medications or groceries for the month. You can do the right thing and build your book of business by sharing your knowledge of LIS and Medicare Savings Programs. Agents who are knowledgeable of these available programs really have an advantage over other agents who just say “I have nothing for you” or “I can’t help you.”


Even though you may not have anything to sell that prospect, helping someone enroll in LIS or a Medicare Savings Program is a very positive way to spread the word about your business. Remember, you’re a senior insurance adviser, so that implies you sometimes offer pro bono advice. The bottom line is referrals are the easiest way to generate leads, so get in front of as many potential clients as you can. You never know where they will take you.


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Welcome to RBI

Welcome to RBI and Medicare Compare. Several people have asked me why we have two names and simply put, we have two purposes/marketing strategies. RBI markets to agents as a Field Marketing organization (FMO) where “We Make It Happen For You” and Medicare Compare is our consumer facing brand.

I thought now would be a good time to share a little about RBI. Our roots as well as where we are headed and what we have to offer agents.

We began as Robert Bever Insurance in 1981 when our founder, better known as Bob, began selling Medicare plans independently. Working out of a pickup truck, he drove hundreds of miles a month as he wrote business throughout the state of Arizona. Bob started his agency in 2004 with a handful of agents. After enrolling over 15,000 members with APIPA during Part D’s first year we officially became RB Insurance Group in 2006 and set up shop in Tempe, Arizona. Bob is joined in the office by his wife Donna and their three sons; Rob –Compliance Director, Jesse – our Chief Technology Officer and guru, and Justin – Marketing Director. In 2014 we moved our home office to Chandler, where our staff supports our agent partners by leading virtual and in-person training opportunities, developing our own technology and providing customized marketing services.

Since we are a marketing organization, we have several tools available to our agents that are unique to RBI. First, we print and design all of our own Direct Mail Marketing in-house, literally. In 2014 we developed an on premise professional print and fulfillment house where we print and deliver mailers and flyers for our agents. We also design and execute marketing campaigns for our carriers when called upon.

Once we print and mail those pieces out, clients return the Business Reply Cards to our lead processing center. There they are scanned and uploaded directly into our agents MSE (Medicare Sales Engine) account for instant access. The Medicare Sales Engine was also developed in-house and we provide this free of charge to all our agents.

Our dedication to your success doesn’t stop there though. We’ve partnered with thought leaders in the senior market like Brandon Clay, whose 6 Hours to 6 Figures Training Program provides the playbook to turn fledgling agents into Senior Insurance Advisors earning six figure salaries. If you can have more income streams from the same number of clients, your income stream can go up dramatically with very little effort if you ask just a few more questions. To quote Brandon, “As your Serve, you Deserve.” No one is more deserving in our eyes than our talented advisors.

We are driven to develop all of these tools and create these programs because we deliver whatever you need to be successful in this business, We Make It Happen For You. That’s our mission. With us, you will work with best-selling Senior products and ancillary services.

Affiliated Agents who would like additional information are invited to learn more about these and other programs in depth during our webinar next Thursday, March 3rd. (We couldn’t tell you everything now could we!)

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Brownies and Med Supp quotes for everyone at Chandler Senior Expo

Visit our Medicare Compare beneficiary-facing quote tool here or call (800) 997 3107 to learn more about becoming a Medicare Compare career agent

Medicare Compare career agents participated in the Chandler Senior Expo Wednesday, setting up one of 50 booths at the Chandler Community Center. We offered free Fairy Tale Brownies to all attendees and held a special drawing for two free boxes of the gourmet sweets for those who registered at our booth. While the seniors enjoyed the brownies, we also quoted them for Medicare Supplements, totally free of charge. It was easy to do with a laptop, Internet connection and the Medicare Sales Engine’s newly introduced quoting tool.

Just over a thousand people gathered at the Community Center, and over 90 of those people registered for our giveaway. Their registration cards could be your Leads — career agents, keep an eye out in your MSE account!

Most of the major Medicare Advantage carriers had a booth, so we fit right in pitching Medicare Compare as a way for seniors to find a plan that best fits their needs. In other words, seniors can be confident we don’t just work for the carriers, we work for them!

Senior expos and health fairs are a great way to interact with seniors and generate Leads if done compliantly. With Medicare Supplements, expos do not require prior registration, unlike prospecting for Medicare Advantage at these events. Remember, no scope of appointment is needed for Medicare Supplement only appointments!

Thanks to local bakery Fairytale Brownies for the treats! Watch a video below to see who won our two free boxes: