Dual Eligibles – Who are they?

What are Dual Eligibles, and why is everyone talking about them?

Simply put, dual eligibles are individuals who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. These individuals are typically part of an under-served market and are eligible for a year-round SEP based upon their low income status.

Finding Dual Eligibles

As most of you know, Medicare is a federal program with deductibles and cost sharing associated with Parts A, B, and D. Medicaid is a federally funded but state run program. Because the funds come from the federal government, the feds get to tell the states what they MUST cover. The states determine on their own if they WANT to cover additional benefits. An individual who has both Medicare and Medicaid is entitled to have all of their cost sharing for Parts A and B paid for by Medicaid. For beneficiaries of a Part D Benefit, Medicare will automatically enroll them into a Part D plan that has a premium below the regional benchmark.

If a beneficiary has Medicare and has all of their cost sharing paid for by Medicaid, why would a Medicare Advantage plan be a good fit? It is really simple…Dual Eligibles receive EXTRA BENEFITS!!! A D-SNP (Dual Special Needs Plan) typically covers additional benefits such as dental, routine eye exams and eyeglasses. Some D-SNPs include transportation, hearing aids and over-the-counter benefits as well! The downfall to an MA plan is most D-SNP’s are HMO’s with specific doctor networks. The good news is that Medicaid beneficiaries are already accustomed to using Medicaid networks and getting referrals, so the fact that most D-SNP’s are HMO plans is not a detrimental factor in most cases.

Dual Eligibles are Members of Medicare Savings Plans or MSP’s

All states have Medicare Saving Programs (MSP’s) as well. Medicare Savings Plans pay for Part B premiums if you make below a certain income limit. For instance, SLMB’s can make up to 120% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and are guaranteed to get their Part B premium paid for by the state. QI-1’s can make up to 135% of the FPL, but the funds to pay the Part B premiums are first come first served and are NOT guaranteed by the state to be available to pay the Part B premiums. Each state Medicaid sets their own rules and regulations for benefits in that state depending upon income and other factors.

Every year I meet two or three people who do not know about these Medicare Savings Plans, or that they may be eligible to receive Low Income Subsidy (LIS) benefits to reduce their prescription drug costs. Once I sit down with these folks at the kitchen table and help them see real savings, I know I’ve made a meaningful impact in their life!  By spending just a few minutes on this, I can add a lifetime client to my book of business who is more than happy to send friends and family my way.

You can save your client up to $300 a month or more by helping them apply for LIS and other Medicare Savings programs. Most programs do not require them to be full Dual Eligibles. Individuals who make between 100-135% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) can apply to have their Medicare Part D premium covered and their prescription cost sharing significantly reduced as well as their Medicare Part B premium covered. Click here for a link to your state’s programs.

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Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 2

Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 2 (ICYMI)

So if you’ve been following along this week on all our emails and event calendar, you know that April is “Carrier Spring Training” month! We are so excited for this new initiative, and just finished up our second week of webinars! But if you missed these webinars and don’t have time to re-watch them, here’s the RBI sales team to break down the highlights of each carrier, and what they do for your portfolio. Watch the video below: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 2!

This week, we collaborated with Aetna, Humana, and United Healthcare. A huge shout-out to our presenters, Daniel Santos (Aetna), Kirk Sanich (Humana), and our own Charlie Ferrell stepping in for Ken Colvard (United Healthcare), who did a fantastic job showcasing their products and what makes them compelling for members.

RBI Carrier Training Highlights:

  • Aetna by Rebecca Howard
  • Humana by James Gramp
  • United Healthcare by Charlie Ferrell
Video: RBI Carrier Hall of Fame Week 2

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The RBI bottom line is that all three of these carriers offer something different and that they work together nicely to fill out your portfolio as a senior insurance advisor. We recommend that you contract with all three today because everyone is different and it’s important to have the products that fit the needs of your clients.

Watch the recording: Aetna Webinar. Watch the recording: Humana Webinar. Watch the recording: United Healthcare Webinar.

Click here to get contracted. Click here to see all our contracted carriers.

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  • Monday, April 17 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT“Hit a Homer with Mutual of Omaha” Register.
  • Tuesday, April 18 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT“Steal Second with GTL” Register.
  • Wednesday, April 19 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT“Bat 1.000 with RBI’s Quoting Tool” Register.
  • Thursday, April 20 at 9 AM MST/12 PM EDT“Out of the Ballpark with SilverScript” Register.

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Did you miss last week’s webinars? Watch the full recording: American Continental Webinar. Watch the full recording: Equitable webinar. Watch the full recording: Medico webinar.

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Video: Direct Mail Madness Roll-up

Don’t you just hate missing amazing content? Now you don’t have to: watch Direct Mail Madness Roll-up now!

Have you thought about using Direct Mail to market your senior insurance business? Maybe you thought it was a lot of money for leads. Maybe you thought that it was too complicated for you. Perhaps you thought that tracking your investment would be impossible.  If any of these scenarios have you nodding along, you need to watch our 60 Second Roll-up “Direct Mail Madness Roll-up.” 

What are the things agents hate most about marketing?

  • Spending lots of money and not getting anything in return, or in other words, bad Return on Investment (ROI)
  • It’s tough to get the message to the right people, or targeting the message
  • Getting leads that are not effective

RB Insurance is here to help!  We de-mystify Direct Mail, and can help you determine ROI, targeting the right leads, and ultimately get leads that you can convert into a client for life.

Direct Mail Madness Roll-up

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Now that you’ve got a taste for Direct Mail, you should watch the full recording! Then you should check out your Agent Market Edge account and get started today!

Don’t forget to sign up for next week’s webinar, which talks about how to use Direct Mail to grow your Medicare business. Check out our Carrier Spring Training series starting in April and get started contracting for the selling season! Call 1-800-997-3107 to get more details! 

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Medicare Supplements 201 Revisited for 2017

If you read our Medicare Supplements 101 Revisited article last week, you know that we are all about understanding supplements. This week it’s time to go deeper: Medicare Supplements 201 covers more about the unusual or specialized plans you might need. This article has also been revisited for 2017, so you’re getting the latest of fresh updates.

Part 1 of our series went over what the different Medicare Supplements cover and how they work with Original Medicare.

Medicare Supplements 201 coverage A-N chart

In Part 2 of our series we are going to discuss the different enrollment periods for Medicare supplements as well as some of the underwriting criteria major carriers use in pricing their plans. Remember, in order to enroll into a Medicare Supplement policy, beneficiaries must have Medicare Parts A and B.

Open enrollment for Medicare Supplements is the 6 months following a beneficiaries Part B effective date. No health questions asked. Full commission paid according to contracted rates.

Guaranteed issue. According to federal guidelines, carriers must issue a Medigap Plan A, B, C, F, K, or L that’s sold by any insurance company in the state under the following conditions;

  • During a Medicare Advantage members 12 month trial period
  • A beneficiaries’ current Medicare Advantage plan is leaving the area either due to financial reasons or is no longer going to offer that plan.
  • Beneficiaries’ employer group plan that pays after Medicare is ending. This includes retiree and COBRA coverage
  • Beneficiaries leave a Medigap or Medicare Advantage plan because the company hasn’t followed the rules

Underwritten policies can be issued at any time after the open enrollment period and beneficiaries are able to pass underwriting questions. Some policies have relaxed underwriting for a higher premium. Full commissions paid according to contracted rates.

Underwriting guidelines vary from carrier to carrier. Some carriers allow diabetics with no issues and other carriers will not issue policies at all for diabetics. Almost all Medicare Supplement carriers have a “prohibited prescriptions” list that tells you the application will be declined if a member takes the medication on the list for a specific condition. Some carriers include this list in every kit they send out.

Medicare Supplements for Beneficiaries under age 65. Not all states require Medigap plans to cover beneficiaries under age 65. In some cases states may only require carriers to offer certain plans for those under age 65 or cover certain conditions such as ESRD. In all cases, under 65 policies are more expensive than a regular Medigap policy since carriers know the beneficiaries will be using more benefits than those over 65 on original Medicare.

This is just brief overview of Medicare Supplements. For an in depth explanation and more, click the button below for the recording of Part 2 of our webinar series on Medicare Supplements: “Medicare Supplements 201.”

Contact us today to get contracted with the highest rated carriers in your area. Many plans are only competitive in certain zip codes so don’t be fooled by all their hype. Call us at 1-800-997-3107 and let us help you with all of your Medicare Supplement contracting needs.

Updated 3/13/2017; Originally Published 5/16/2016

Video: Low Income Subsidy Roll-Up

Did you miss the Webinar Wednesday this week? Here’s a quick review with the What is Low Income Subsidy Roll-Up!

If you are interested in a new way to get energized this new year, you need to watch this What is Low Income Subsidy Roll-Up!

Low Income Subsidy is a federal program to help Medicare recipients who are making less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Low Income Subsidy helps reduce the costs of medications by up to $4000 per year for those who qualify. Because medication non-compliance is the number 1 reason behind hospitalization in this country, it’s important to educate yourself and your clients on the aid that is available. Watch our short 60 Second Roll-up to get the quick basics:

Low Income Subsidy Roll-Up

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Now that you’ve got the basics down, register here to watch the recording of the full webinar: “What is Low Income Subsidy?” If you want more information on this important topic, you can check out this article on our blog. Finally, to see what types of programs are available in your state, click here.

Still not sure where to go from here? Call RBI at 1-800-997-3107 and speak with one of our experienced team! We have lots of resources to get your on your way!

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Video: Finding Dual Eligibles Roll-Up

Did you miss this a Webinar Wednesday? Check out our Finding Dual Eligibles Roll-up!

Now that AEP is over, are you struggling to know what’s next? If so, check out our Finding Dual Eligibles Roll-up!

Dual Eligibles are a largely under-served community of Medicare recipients who also qualify for Medicaid.  Dual Eligible clients are a valuable market for agents because they have a year-round special enrollment period or SEP.  If you don’t know much about Dual Eligibles, or would like to get started, we have resources to help you out! Join Charlie Ferrell, National Sales Manager at RB Insurance Group, to learn more. Watch the 60 Second Roll-up below!

Dual Eligibles Roll-up

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Dual-Eligible clients offer a great financial opportunity for agents who want to keep their AEP momentum going!  In addition, many agents say that their experiences serving the Dual-Eligible community has been a rich lesson in compassion. If you would like to get involved, click here to access a related blog post.  Finally, to watch the recorded version of the “Finding Dual Eligibles” webinar, click here.

Interested in getting started, but still not quite sure what’s next?  RBI has resources for you! Click here to sign up for our 4-part class “Dual Eligibles for Newbies” or call 1-800-997-3107 to speak to our team!   

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Increase Your Cash Flow with Hospital Indemnity plans

As the National Sales Manager, I have spent countless hours on the road, teaching agents, conducting training sessions, and hosting recruiting events. I have realized that, no matter how diverse my audiences may be, certain things are universal- such as the unmistakable way my audience’s eyes glaze over as soon as I mention Hospital Indemnity plans. Most agents understand Indemnity plans in theory. They also agree that it is important to include a variety of ancillary products in their portfolio. But when it comes down to it, the majority of agents do notHospital Building bother to pitch Indemnity plans to their clients. Whether they don’t fully recognize the value, or the flat out don’t know how to sell it- RBI is here to help!

“Never leave money sitting on the table.” The old sales adage rings true. If you are not selling your clients an indemnity policy to complement their low-premium Medicare Advantage plan, that is EXACTLY what you are doing! Indemnity plans are extremely affordable, and you will quickly become your client’s hero once he or she experiences the benefits after that first hospital visit.

The primary concern of my Medicare Advantage clients is often, “How on earth will I pay for a hospital stay?!” I have also had several clients who grew frustrated with the high cost of Medicare Supplements, yet were afraid to switch to Medicare Advantage with their higher Hospital co-pays.. In either case, my solution was to enroll them into a low-premium (or no-premium) Medicare Advantage plan, along with a hospital indemnity plan for added coverage.

I never sign up a client for the “bare minimum.” It is better to have more coverage and not need it – than to not have it when you need it! Hospital costs continue to rise, and insurance plans evolve, but the health of my clients is generally not improving. I make sure to cover them for a hospital stay a little above and beyond the current hospital copay amounts. I do this because if a higher amount of coverage is needed at a later time, chances are they probably will not be healthy enough to pass the underwriting necessary to increase coverage. So far, not one of my clients has turned down the extra money they received from filing a claim.
RBI offers agents a variety of ancillary product carriers- GTL, Equitable, American Continental and Medico. GTL’s Advantage Plus plan is the only plan with a guaranteed issue period for ages 64 ½ to 65 ½. Bill Ellsworth, Vice President of Equitable, recorded an excellent presentation last year on how to sell hospital indemnity during a Medicare Advantage appointment. Frankly, it is probably the best training example I have ever seen, and I strongly recommend all Equitable agents seek it out on the Equiline broker site. Following Bill’s outline, I am confident you will be able to increase your commissions throughout the year.

Health products are the only products you can discuss during a Medicare appointment. You must make sure your client understands the need as you make your presentation. Show them the holes in their current plan, then fill it with an indemnity policy. All of the indemnity products can be cross-sold during an MA appointment. There is even a “Hospital Indemnity Plan” checkbox on the generic CMS-approved Scope of Appointment form most of us already use.

An Indemnity Webinar Invitation

Join us on Thursday, April 7th at 10:00 am (MST) for a webinar about how to cross sell indemnity products year round to protect your clients and increase your commissions. This is particularly important since carriers are now prorating all MA commissions other than a person that is new to Medicare.




Low Income Subsidy (LIS) and MSP’s for seniors

Every year I meet two or three people who do not know they are eligible to receive Low Income Subsidy (LIS) benefits to reduce their prescription drug costs. They also don’t know about Medicare Savings Programs (MSP’s) that cover the cost of their Medicare Part B premium. Once I sit down with these folks at the kitchen table and help them see real savings, I know I’ve made a meaningful impact in their life and can add a lifetime client to my book of business who is more than happy to send friends and family my way.

You can save your client up to $300 a month or more by helping them apply for LIS and other Medicare Savings programs. Most programs do not require them to be a full dual-eligible. Individuals who make between 100-135 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) can apply to have their Medicare Part D premium covered and their prescription cost sharing significantly reduced as well as their Medicare Part B premium covered. Click here for a link to your state’s programs.

I recently went on an appointment with one of our new agents in Arizona, and we helped a woman save $325 a month. Taking away her $35 Part D premium and reducing the cost of her prescriptions saved her $225 per month. We also saved her $104 a month on her Part B premium. It gives you a good feeling inside when both you and the client have tears in your eyes because you have had such a profound effect on their lives.

If you can help a senior that is on a fixed income save more than $3,600 per year, it will make a huge difference in their lives. Based on my experience it’s the difference between being able to afford medications or groceries for the month. You can do the right thing and build your book of business by sharing your knowledge of LIS and Medicare Savings Programs. Agents who are knowledgeable of these available programs really have an advantage over other agents who just say “I have nothing for you” or “I can’t help you.”


Even though you may not have anything to sell that prospect, helping someone enroll in LIS or a Medicare Savings Program is a very positive way to spread the word about your business. Remember, you’re a senior insurance adviser, so that implies you sometimes offer pro bono advice. The bottom line is referrals are the easiest way to generate leads, so get in front of as many potential clients as you can. You never know where they will take you.


Join us on a Webinar on “Low Income Subsidies” Tue, Mar 8, 2016 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MST (Updated time)


Welcome to RBI

Welcome to RBI and Medicare Compare. Several people have asked me why we have two names and simply put, we have two purposes/marketing strategies. RBI markets to agents as a Field Marketing organization (FMO) where “We Make It Happen For You” and Medicare Compare is our consumer facing brand.

I thought now would be a good time to share a little about RBI. Our roots as well as where we are headed and what we have to offer agents.

We began as Robert Bever Insurance in 1981 when our founder, better known as Bob, began selling Medicare plans independently. Working out of a pickup truck, he drove hundreds of miles a month as he wrote business throughout the state of Arizona. Bob started his agency in 2004 with a handful of agents. After enrolling over 15,000 members with APIPA during Part D’s first year we officially became RB Insurance Group in 2006 and set up shop in Tempe, Arizona. Bob is joined in the office by his wife Donna and their three sons; Rob –Compliance Director, Jesse – our Chief Technology Officer and guru, and Justin – Marketing Director. In 2014 we moved our home office to Chandler, where our staff supports our agent partners by leading virtual and in-person training opportunities, developing our own technology and providing customized marketing services.

Since we are a marketing organization, we have several tools available to our agents that are unique to RBI. First, we print and design all of our own Direct Mail Marketing in-house, literally. In 2014 we developed an on premise professional print and fulfillment house where we print and deliver mailers and flyers for our agents. We also design and execute marketing campaigns for our carriers when called upon.

Once we print and mail those pieces out, clients return the Business Reply Cards to our lead processing center. There they are scanned and uploaded directly into our agents MSE (Medicare Sales Engine) account for instant access. The Medicare Sales Engine was also developed in-house and we provide this free of charge to all our agents.

Our dedication to your success doesn’t stop there though. We’ve partnered with thought leaders in the senior market like Brandon Clay, whose 6 Hours to 6 Figures Training Program provides the playbook to turn fledgling agents into Senior Insurance Advisors earning six figure salaries. If you can have more income streams from the same number of clients, your income stream can go up dramatically with very little effort if you ask just a few more questions. To quote Brandon, “As your Serve, you Deserve.” No one is more deserving in our eyes than our talented advisors.

We are driven to develop all of these tools and create these programs because we deliver whatever you need to be successful in this business, We Make It Happen For You. That’s our mission. With us, you will work with best-selling Senior products and ancillary services.

Affiliated Agents who would like additional information are invited to learn more about these and other programs in depth during our webinar next Thursday, March 3rd. (We couldn’t tell you everything now could we!)

Please register for Welcome to RBI Webinar on Mar 3, 2016 11:00 AM MST at: