Contract with Guarantee Trust Life (GTL) hospital indemnity to earn more commission

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We all know our Medicare Advantage commission advance shrinks as the year progresses, so what can we do to maintain our income stream?

Guarantee Trust Life has your answer. Commissions for its Advantage Plus hospital indemnity plan are paid weekly, directly to you from the carrier, and simple yes-or-no underwriting makes for jet-speed submission. Advantage Plus helps fill the gaps in popular Medicare Advantage and ACA individual plans at a superbly reasonable premium, something your clients will undoubtedly appreciate.

What you and your clients can expect from this plan is impressive to say the least. For them, daily hospital confinement benefits range from $100 to $600 daily and are paid directly to the policyholder. Observation stays that last 24 hours or longer are also covered at 100 percent of the daily benefit, giving your clients peace of mind. Reach aging-in clients (guaranteed issue for 64 ½ to 65 ½ years old) with this plan and offer it to your younger, ACA-covered clients whose deductibles may still present a financial risk — Advantage Plus is issued starting at age 40.

Some of GTL’s Advantage Plus Hospital Indemnity’s other great features:

  • Great first year and renewal commissions (50-55% First Year in most states!)
  • Emergency room coverage is included in base plan and, there are four optional riders, including Lump Sum Cancer
  • Presenting a hospital indemnity plan is totally compliant with Medicare Marketing Guidelines! Hospital indemnity plans are right there on the Scope of Appointment form.

Agents interested in contracting now with GTL and RB Insurance can click here. Call me, Tom O’Neil, at (800) 997 3107 if you’ve got any questions.

*This is not a GTL-approved advertisement for prospects and clients.