Cross-sell ACA, Medicare during overlapping enrollment periods

Most of the time RB Insurance Group is a marketing organization for the Medicare side of health insurance. We’ve been busy these past few months getting independent agents Ready To Sell a portfolio of Medicare Advantage and other senior products for the Annual Enrollment Period, which started October 15 and ends December 7 this year.

Did you know we also have a few opportunities for agents interested in selling individual plans connected to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Open enrollment for federal and state ACA markets started November 1 and will continue until January 31, 2016. It overlaps a fair amount with AEP. Cross-selling ACA and Medicare to families will help you take advantage of the overlapping enrollment periods.

If the idea of a double sales rush makes you feel exhausted, remember that a vast majority if not all Medicare beneficiaries have kids, who may also have kids of their own. You can generate ACA Leads from your Medicare book of business relatively quickly, especially if your senior client has been happy with your service.

Marketing your ACA products and Health Insurance Marketplace expertise should be less complicated than marketing your Medicare business because CMS currently does not have guidelines set for ACA. Cold calling and leaving door hangers may be illegal for marketing Medicare, but you can do them for ACA. Just be careful — if you’re at the kitchen table with a married adult couple who’s taking care of grandma at home, you’ll need to be able to switch gears when discussing ACA plans with the couple and Medicare with grandma. You’ll need to fill out a Scope of Appointment for any interaction you have with a Medicare beneficiary. Getting a referral from a family member is an excellent way to get permission to contact a Medicare beneficiary.

If you’re focused on running as many Medicare appointments as possible, consider hiring someone to make cold calls for ACA plans based on leads you pick up or receive from a marketing organization like RBI. It’s legal, and it will save you time and energy.

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