Graphics Designer/Freelance Blog Copywriter: Shannon Bever

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Many of you know Shannon Bever as the RBI graphics designer extraordinaire! Shannon’s vision and artistic talents shine on the RBI blog and website and in the RBI brand.  What you may not know about Shannon is that she is a trained chef with over 10 years in the culinary arts field. We thought that was so unique, we are featuring her expertise in a recipe series of blog posts over the next several weeks! 

Eating Seasonally

Graphics Designer/Freelance Blog Copywriter: Shannon Bever

It might be a no brainer to some that eating seasonally and locally will help you save money, but did you know it helps keep you in optimum health? When you buy what’s in season, you buy food that’s at the peak of its supply, and it costs less to farmers and distribution companies to harvest and get to your grocery store. This creates a simple surplus in the supply, dropping the prices for the customer. Best of all, you can get wholesome fresh foods that are also at their optimum nutrient density (not the same thing as optimum freshness).

A whole new world

One of the great benefits of eating seasonally is that you get exposed to foods you may never see anywhere else! Farmer’s markets are my favorite place to get my hands on new ingredients and hidden gems. Many small farms and local purveyors bring their produce and goods to farmer’s markets, so you can find really unique specialty items. For example, here in Arizona there is a goat farm in the Pine/Strawberry area called Fossil Creek Creamery that has the best fresh made goat cheese and other artisanal products that I have ever had. They sometimes take

part in the farmer’s markets or festivals in the area–I would have never known about them had I not visited their stand at a local event!

Eating seasonally means supporting small business

Another great reason that I always seek out farmer’s markets, is that buying locally helps stimulate the local economy. When I buy locally, I know that I’m helping out my community, as well as getting the freshest produce and great local goods. And it’s not just vegetables, I have bought some of the best lotions at farmer’s markets.

A culinary tradition is born

Several years ago now, I was running my own restaurant kitchen in the Cleveland, Ohio area. My favorite part of the day was getting up early and visiting the farmer’s market. I would pick out the best fruits and vegetables that I could buy and create a dish based on those ingredients. It became a fun tradition at the restaurant, and one I continue today in my personal life.  You can join in! If you live in Arizona, you can visit this website by the Arizona Community Farmers Markets and find a market close to you! If you live in a different state, you can find a local market with a quick Google search.

Find your seasonal foods today!

While visiting farmer’s markets and eating seasonally and locally is very satisfying in and of itself, what do you do with the produce? Eat it, of course! To find seasonal foods in your area, you can visit Seasonal Food Guide and select your state and the current season. If you live in Arizona you can also use the Arizona Farm Bureau’s “Fill Your Plate” website. Next week I am going to talk about how to put together a beautiful meal around seasonal items that you might find in the Spring. From the appetizer to the main meal to a beautiful dessert for a finish, I hope you join me again next week!

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