If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! ~Benjamin Franklin

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“Sales Champion Tip: Resist the urge to make your goal “EVERY DOLLAR I CAN”. This isn’t measurable or quantifiable. Everyone wants to make every Dollar and Sale they can, but you need something you can measure to achieve and reach for. Your goal needs to be attainable as much as it is measurable.”

Earn up to 100% off the services below:

This program integrates with our premier online marketplace called Agent Market Edge.

Mailers,Leads and AHIP reimbursment
sales drive

Every Five Medicare Advantage sales you submit with RBI, as a direct affiliated agent, will earn you $125 in Marketing credit that you can spend on our marketplace towards:
• AHIP reimbursement
• Lead purchases
• Client retention programs
• First class mailers
• Business cards
• Newsletters

and more…

RB Insurance Group reserves the right to change guidelines, rules and promotions as needed without notice. Every 5 Sales Drive credits do not apply for MGA and SGA-level agents. Credits do not apply toward the cost of shipping. No cash value; other exclusions may apply.