Have Medicare Advantage hassles got you wound up? Work the Portfolio Approach!

Over the next few months we Agents working with Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans will receive dozens of stern re-certification emails as the 2016 AHIP Medicare Training course becomes available in early June (That will be $125, thank you very much). As AHIP descends on the senior insurance industry, carrier broker managers will start gingerly inviting us to their “mandatory” annual face-to-face meetings. It’s about this time each year that an experienced Agent like myself throws up his (or her!) hands and says, “Enough is enough with Medicare Advantage!”

Indeed, how many repetitive online and live courses do we need to digest, year after year? Should I reiterate how hopelessly repetitive they are? Are the routines making us more knowledgeable Agents who better serve our clients?

It often feels like the same ol’, same ol’ each year with AHIP and other prep for AEP. Look to RB Insurance for solutions to your Agent frustrations! Image courtesy of iStock

Answer that one for yourself. And, by the way, I agree with you (I’ve been working in the senior market, in various capacities, since 1992, so I feel your pain).

In addition to these relentless education edicts we Agents must also be current with the CMS Medicare Marketing Guideline‘s annual updates. The “Guidelines” go so far as to decree what a snack can consist of at a public sales event (Please do not serve a piece of cheese with that toast or you have created a federally recognized “meal,” which is verboten.) Let’s not even get into the “Secret Shopper” situation.

Okay, maybe I went a little over the top there. If you actively engage the senior market in most areas of the country, you will miss the boat if you do not certify with some of the more competitive Medicare Advantage plans. Approximately 30 percent of America’s Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in private MA plans according to Kaiser Family Foundation, which means MA is a real sales opportunity.

Many of us who service health plan needs of seniors are willing to endure the pain that CMS and some other companies put us through each year to be officially Ready To Sell. But seriously, how might we Agents make the process more palatable? Most of us enjoy working in this demographic, after all. It’s incredibly rewarding to help a senior in navigating the progressively complex arena of health insurance. I also find that increasing my year-round sales with Medicare Supplement and Hospital Indemnity products — and even dental — and the attendant commissions usually improve my pre- and post-AEP tolerance levels.

In previous posts I have mentioned some other valuable products RB Insurance offers to affiliated Agents, and I am pleased to announce we have put together a total package for success. So let me get a little mercenary now — the following ties in with the paragraphs above and keeps my boss happy. My editor likes to call this the “Call To Action” part of my post:

RB Insurance is now actively promoting the Portfolio Approach, a strategy for achieving a 6-figure income by selling multiple products and multiple product types just in the senior market or in conjunction with your other products. Our fast-track appointment application gets you started with the Portfolio Approach, which eliminates 90 percent of the usual appointing paperwork. And we now offer our exclusive Medicare Sales Engine, a complete online sales system built by Agents, for Agents.

So pick up those contracts for AEP and year-round sales: Medigap Supplements, Hospital Indemnity, DVH, Final Expense, Life, Accident, Family, Chronic Illness, Cancer Plans, MA, PDP and many others from the 22 carriers we now partner with.

Let us make it happen for you and help relieve some of MA’s hassle!