Think Outside the Box: Hospital Indemnity for ACA Clients

Here at RBI, we are using the month of January to focus our thinking outside the standard AEP-box, with lots of training and materials to increase your sales. Earlier this week we heard from Tom O’Neil with a closer look at Hospital Indemnity products, with a highlight on Guarantee Trust Life (GTL). But there’s more to Hospital Indemnity.  Let’s go deeper.

Why Hospital Indemnity for ACA clients?

Young Indemnity Couple

Some carriers have very affordable options for people under age 65.

As senior insurance agents, we often don’t think about folks in the age group under age 65. These folks are “young people,” and therefore usually outside our focus.  But many are struggling with health plans under the Affordable Care Act that feature high deductibles and out of pocket expenses. These folks are looking for alternatives.  And if you have a Hospital Indemnity product, like GTL, Medico, or Equitable, these clients could actually be a gold mine.

Hospital Indemnity is a great gap product for people in this age group. Most of the time, Hospital Indemnity carriers have very affordable options for people under age 65, often as low as $30-40.  Furthermore, most clients would be willing to pay this monthly premium, just so that they are protected from getting hit by a high deductible payment if they needed to visit the hospital.  In my opinion, overlooking this demographic is the same as leaving money on the table.

Where to find these clients

The best way of reaching this type of client is to talk about what you do.  For example, I actually got a client during AEP simply from wearing my button down shirt with my business logo on it.  A gentleman at the next gas pump asked me about it, and before you knew it, he asked for a business card. When the time was right, he called me up and I was able to get him enrolled in a plan that fit his needs.  Agents tend to minimize their experience and ignore the people around them every day. People who know you, people who you meet in your daily life, have no idea what you do. Spend 3 minutes with these people, tell them exactly what it is that you do, hand them a business card.  It will be the least expensive lead you ever have.

Brand Package Image

RBI can help you update your business cards and more!

 RBI can help you get started with Hospital Indemnity for ACA clients

We can help you plan out your approach to getting into Hospital Indemnity products. If you are thinking, “well, I don’t have a Hospital Indemnity plan,” contact RBI at 1-800-997-3107 for information about contracting with carriers in your area. RBI works with a great design team who can help you updateyour business cards, letterhead and so on, at discounted prices.  Above all, get comfortable talking about your own expertise, and practice your elevator speech.  I know you’ll see results.

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