Justin Bever

Director of Marketing: Justin Bever

Author Bio: In his 9 years since joining the family business in 2008 as a Broker Support Representative, Justin has made innovation his top priority. Justin is passionate about bringing technology into agent’s toolboxes, and has developed tools such as a direct mail program for lead generation (2011); Medicare Compare (2013), an online tool for beneficiaries complete with its own brand identity; and the Medicare Sales Engine (2014), a fully integrated Client Relationship Manager for agents.  Justin’s most recent accomplishment is the Agent Market Edge (2016), an online portal that integrates RBI and their print + fulfillment partners to make marketing accessible to agents. When he is not leveraging technology to produce exciting new tools for agents, Justin’s hobbies are skiing, hiking, and cooking exquisite meals in the company of his high school sweetheart and wife, Cassie.

RBI: A Different Kind of FMO

or How RBI Works for You!

Director of Marketing: Justin Bever

As we talked about last week, the essentials of an effective FMO relationship comes down to this simple question: does your FMO save you time and money? The RBI answer is a resounding YES. When you’re done reading today, you’ll have all the facts about what makes RBI a different kind of FMO, and how RBI works for you! Here’s a quick breakdown:

We save you time with our innovative tools, to help you be more efficient.

RBI specializes in developing proprietary tools to make your life easier! We created a one-stop shop for contracting, to streamline your portfolio: choose as many carriers as you want, and get started.  Our RBI contracted agents have access to the Medicare Sales Engine, our CRM tool for RBI-contracted agents. This free, 100% HIPAA compliant system enhances your daily planner, client files, and turns your phone into a mobile office. We have some of the most dedicated staff in the industry and they know their stuff!  Our team is constantly evaluating and updating our tools based upon feedback from our agents.

What does this mean for you?  Well, it means that when you use one of our tools, you get certain guarantees. First, you’ll be able to get a hold of our team for questions, just by calling our toll-free number. Second, you can participate in our live training for our tools, or watch our training videos on your own time. Lastly, if you have a great idea on how a tool could be better and let us know, it actually gets implemented.

We save you money by getting you the best prices.

RBI Team

The RBI Team: We Work for You!

Of course, we don’t stop there – after all, saving you time means saving you money too! Our Agent Market Edge portal integrates with our print and fulfillment partners, so you get access to exclusive pricing. Not only will you get great deals you can’t find anywhere else, but your marketing credits automatically appear in your account. Marketing credits, you say? Direct agents earn $125 in marketing credits for every 5 Medicare Advantage sales. Click here to see how it works. Have an agency? Agencies can participate too, at different rates — call for details!

Not sure what you need to meet or exceed your business goals?  RBI has a fantastic team that can help you evaluate where you are now to find out how to get to the next level! We start with a one-on-one appointment with one of our experts, then build a custom marketing plan to achieve your goals. Our plans use the MAPS method to make sure your plan is Measurable, Actionable, Profitable and Scalable.

In addition to print and fulfillment discounts, RBI partners with you in other ways. When you contract with RBI, you earn the maximum commissions on all contracts. We also offer discounts on your annual AHIP certification as well as E & O Coverage.

RBI is different than other FMOs, because RBI works for you.

Our agents deserve the very best that we can offer them.  RBI takes this very seriously, and when you contract with us, we commit to making your goals happen for you. So let’s get back to the basics. What sets RBI apart from the rest? Simple. Your business is worth more with us, because we work for YOU.

RBI works for you – by offering contracting with a wide variety of carriers throughout the United States.  To get started, call our office at 1-800-997-3107 and speak to our contracting department! Check out some of our training videos by clicking here.

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