How to read The Agent’s Advantage blog

You’ll still get emails from us regarding your contracting and application statuses, though many of the news emails you’re used to receiving will now be posts you can view right here. You can always navigate directly to our blog on your computer, smart phone or tablet to keep in touch without having to log in to your email.

All-new carriers page with fast-track contracting opportunities coming soon

If you’ve been a longtime partner of RB Insurance, you’re likely familiar with our slogan, “We Make It Happen For You.” If you’re new to our marketing organization, welcome — you, too, are now officially familiar with our slogan.

Now that “it” has been brought to your attention, are you curious about what that second word means?

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In this case, “it” stands for our completely redesigned website and our brand new blog, The Agent’s Advantage. With over a year in the making, our new website is easy to use and is easier on the eyes. The Agent’s Advantage is designed to be a simple way to keep track of — and hopefully more pleasant to read — than a barrage of emails you may be used to receiving from a marketing organization. It’s organized into specific categories for quick reference to carrier-specific news and contracting opportunities plus CMS guidance so you can read just what’s relevant to you. Consider The Agent’s Advantage to be your new home for contracting, lead management and product promotion news from RB Insurance, too.

We want to simplify our method of communicating with you because quality communication is vital to selling and showing your clients you care. Contracting, compliance, writing business and maintaining a relationship with your client all depend on it — so does receiving commission. We present our new website and The Agent’s Advantage to you as part of our mission to make it happen for you.

We deliberately chose “it” to be part of our company catchphrase at our founding in 1981 to represent everything we do for our agent partners. Whether the word refers to our customized lead programs, our diverse portfolio of senior insurance plans or the courtesy and care of our dedicated broker trainers, “it” has run the gamut of our company’s products and services for the past three decades.

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