ICYMI: Our 2016 Aetna Medicare Advantage benefits preview was a day at the beach

For all of you who missed our 2016 Aetna Medicare Advantage benefits preview meeting last week, you sure passed up a great opportunity to learn about how competitive Aetna will be for this year’s Annual Enrollment Period (We also gave away a free Android touch tablet loaded with carrier enrollment tools to one of the lucky agents who registered for our event!). Don’t sweat it too much — here’s a quick rundown of what we covered.

Also, if you live in the Phoenix metro area and are interested in joining us as a presenter, read on to learn more about upcoming opportunities at our next Aetna events!

At the top of everyone’s mind was Aetna’s recent takeover of competitor Humana in a $37 billion acquisition yet to be cleared by the Justice Department. The short answer to what’s going to happen next is simply “nothing for now” — the carriers won’t be completely reorganized until next year, so all of the 2016 plans that have been filed will remain the same. The earliest anything could happen to Aetna Medicare Advantage benefits is January 2017, and even that is pushing it considering benefits are filed every year by June 1.

We all know Aetna is a well recognized brand and, for agents who work in our home state of Arizona, it has partnered with Banner Health Network to come up with a great plan with great co-pays. We have a special link for licensed agents to preview the benefits, though you do have to attest that you are a licensed agent and will not share them with beneficiaries.

Click here to preview the 2016 Aetna Medicare Advantage benefits

Marketing Director Justin Bever talked about RB Insurance’s discounted AHIP program and how agents can get a 100 percent reimbursement for their 2016 AHIP certification if they use our link.

Justin also shared how our own Senior Broker Trainer Tom O’Neil got a perfect score on his AHIP test (not the first time that’s happened) and how we can help agents struggling to get through the test. Many agents don’t realize the AHIP is an open book exam and don’t know how to best go through their study material to help them ace the AHIP on their first try.

It was like a day at the beach for senior insurance agents who got a first look at a great set of plan benefits!

Click here to get your $50 AHIP discount and learn more about RB Insurance’s exclusive AHIP reimbursement opportunity

RB Insurance and Medicare Compare will be hosting sales events for Aetna agents across the Valley this year, and we need qualified presenters to run these meetings. We have 30 scheduled so far in the east Valley, but are still looking for locations in the west Valley side as well as agents to run them. These events are being advertised by Aetna via print and other media, so we expect a huge turnout!

Call us at (800) 997 3107 or email me to learn more and sign up.

Aetna is not requiring a face-to-face certification this year for their Medicare Advantage products as they have in years past, but if you’re interested in being a part of the RB Insurance/Medicare Compare team as a presenter, you will need to attend a two-hour class on running a public sales meeting. CMS Secret Shoppers will be out in force this year, so the fairly brief training is required —no one wants to deal with allegations that the benefits were not completely explained.