Charlie Ferrell

National Sales Manager

Charlie started his senior insurance career after a brief 30-year stint in the restaurant industry. In the 12 years since then, he has been blazing trails and setting standards for excellence all over! A native son of Utah, he has been a state manager for RBI as well as a managing general agent for UHC, Coventry, Molina and other carriers! Charlie came to RBI as the National Sales Manager in 2015, and is an invaluable resource for our agents and staff for marketing, compliance, and sales topics! If all of that wasn’t enough, Charlie specializes in the Dual-Eligible market and is leading the charge behind RBI’s new “Dual Eligibles for Newbies” seminars!”

ICYMI Duals for Newbies Wrap-up

National Sales Manager, Charlie Ferrell

As many of you know, it’s our commitment to help our agents achieve more! As you can read about here, we take our agent’s needs very seriously. So out of all of our training options, we were excited to see that the Dual Eligibles for Newbies class went so well! We had a great group of agents, both in person and joining us on the simulcast also. If you weren’t able to attend, or if you aren’t contracted with us for a DSNP carrier, here’s the ICYMI Duals for Newbies Wrap-up!

ICYMI Duals for Newbies

Week 1: “What is a Dual Eligible?” –  We spent some time the first week discussing, “what is a dual eligible?” We learned who qualifies and what the different income levels for the different Medicare Savings programs (or MSP’s) are. We also distributed some great handouts with the different qualifications for MSP’s, now updated with the 2017 Federal Poverty level that became effective January 31st, 2017. We covered how Medicaid plans coordinate care and billing (or don’t coordinate and leave it up to the provider). The homework was to drive your neighborhood to find these resources close by.

ICYMI Duals for Newbies

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Duals for Newbies

Week 2: “Where to find Dual Eligible members” – The second week, we covered where to find Dual Eligible members. We learned how to use the website as well as the HUD housing search tool. We also did several live searches for other community services to see where they are concentrated. Homework was to schedule at least one Medicare Educational event.

Week 3: “Planning your week for max results” – This 3rd session was all about how to plan your week, especially how to vet your potential resources to see if it would be a good match. Our takeaways? Make sure you treat this as a full time job and you will be rewarded with a full-time unlimited income. Plan out your week, month and quarter and set your goals appropriately.

Week 4: “Create a marketing plan” – The 4th and final session was structured around building a marketing plan. As our marketing department always says, you have 2 resources to generate income: time and money. Just a couple changes can increase your sales dramatically. Direct mail is a great way to generate leads quickly and is very affordable. RBI has resources, such as the “Every 5 Sales Drive” which makes more marketing money available based upon your sales. We used the MAPS method to plan a budget and then schedule out a complete week including study time.

What’s the bottom line?

Here’s just a few of the impacts we are seeing already: the production of agents who attended all 4 sessions is 100% higher for the month of January than their production for the month of January in 2016. 75% of all attendees created marketing plans. Best of all, 100% of attendees developed at least 1 new referral source to increase their business. All of our agents had some sales success during the event and were excited to get out and out their newfound knowledge to use. Almost all of them purchased some kind of direct mail piece and community marketing together to jump start the new year.

RBI – we make it happen for you!

If you weren’t able to attend the Dual Eligibles for Newbies class this time around, consider joining us for Webinar Wednesday on February 15 at 10 AM: “Reboot: Finding Dual Eligibles.” This is a great way to kickstart your Dual Eligible game!

Want to get started? Take a look at our carrier-partners to pick up additional contracts! Call RBI at 1-800-997-3107 to speak to one of our sales team! 

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