Charlie Ferrell

RBI National Sales Manager: Charlie Ferrell

Charlie started his senior insurance career after a brief 30-year stint in the restaurant industry. In the 12 years since then, he has been blazing trails and setting standards for excellence all over! A native son of Utah, he has been a state manager for RBI as well as a managing general agent for UHC, Coventry, Molina and other carriers! Charlie came to RBI as the National Sales Manager in 2015, and is an invaluable resource for our agents and staff for marketing, compliance, and sales topics! Charlie’s field experience with senior insurance sales has made him an expert in our insurance CRM: Medicare Sales Engine. If all of that wasn’t enough, Charlie specializes in the Dual-Eligible market and is leading the charge behind RBI’s new “Dual Eligibles for Newbies” seminars!

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5 Reasons to love the Medicare Sales Engine

National Sales Manager: Charlie Ferrell

If you have been looking for a reliable, convenient and easy-to-use insurance CRM, look no further! Today I want to tell you more about RB Insurance’s flagship sales and lead management system: the Medicare Sales Engine (MSE). You may have already read about our Massive Response Mailers and partnership with Touchstone Marketing to bring you the best prices and deals on print and fulfillment.  Why are mailers and marketing connected to the MSE? Because we have seamlessly integrated your leads from mailers to the MSE! 

“So, RBI, what exactly is the Medicare Sales Engine?”

Simply put, the MSE is RBI’s proprietary CRM system to help our agents manage their leads, clients, commissions, appointments and much more! You can get a lot out of the MSE, especially if you really take the time to learn how to use all of the features.  Let’s take a closer look!

#1 – Built to serve senior insurance agents:

First off, when we began to develop the Medicare Sales Engine over 10 years ago, we started with our own group of senior insurance agents and asked “what would make your life easier?” As a result, the MSE is built around the needs of an agent who is out in the field selling, with features to make you more efficient and to cut back on your busy-work. You can view the Medicare Sales Engine on your tablet, phone, laptop, desktop – any device with an internet connection. With our on-going commitment to excellence, if you have a feature you’d like to see implemented in the MSE, you can call us and we’ll see about adding it to the MSE!

#2 – At-a-glance updates on your business

We recognize that your time is valuable, so we have made sure that the Medicare Sales Engine is very simple and easy to use. When you login, the first thing you see is your dashboard, a snapshot of your business. The dashboard breaks your business into clients and leads sorted by temperature, and displays information so you know exactly where you left off.  This helps you identify your next tasks, trends in your business, or areas of opportunity!

#3 – Seamlessly integrates with lead mailers

Remember when we said that the MSE seamlessly integrates with lead mailers?  Well, we have developed a partnership with Touchstone Marketing and one of the benefits of this relationship is behind-the-scenes system integration. What does this mean for you? Any leads from mailers you purchased from Touchstone Marketing will show up inside your Medicare Sales Engine account. All the lead response information from the mailer, and a copy of the mailer itself will be uploaded to your account. An added bonus? You’ll get an SMS text notification that you have new leads so you can start working on your hottest leads right away!

#4 – An Insurance CRM with the right price tag

Most insurance CRM systems have a drawback — whether it’s a must-have feature like tracking commissions, or the ability to upload your existing book of business, or a bit of sticker-shock when you see the price tag. With RBI’s insurance CRM, the Medicare Sales Engine is free to contracted agents. It’s that easy: when you’ve completed the contracting process, and are ready-to-sell, your MSE portal is generated. You can log in right away, and get started!

# 5 – HIPAA Compliant record keeping, free Quoting Tool, and more!

We only have time for 1 more awesome thing that the Medicare Sales Engine can do, so this one’s a combo. The Medicare Sales Engine is HIPAA Compliant so your records are protected. It’s easy to upload notes, applications, and other records to have an online back-up for your office. We recommend that you take a few minutes each day to update actions you have taken with each lead, such as calling to schedule an appointment. An additional feature that agents love is the built-in quoting tool.  The RBI quoting tool gets real-time CMS updates, so you know you’re getting the most recent information about product availability and pricing. You can use the quote tool to research best plans for your leads and clients, and add notes inside their record about special medical or financial considerations.

We love to talk about the MSE, so if you have any questions call us at 1-800-997-3107! You can also catch up on some of the basics by watching this recorded webinar. To learn more about the quoting tool, watch this recorded webinar.

The Medicare Sales Engine is just one more way that RBI commits to make it happen for you! Get contracted today to get your own free access to this fantastic insurance CRM!

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