March Producer Profile: Teresa

Teresa has been RB Insurance’s top producer in the state of Georgia consistently since she first contracted with us in 2012. When we caught up with her recently during one of her busy workdays, she shared her enthusiasm for helping others and what’s unique about her market.

Producing for Aetna, Coventry, Cigna HealthSpring, Humana, Medico and WellCare Medicare Advantage plans as well as producing for GTL’s Hospital Indemnity plan, Teresa has submitted hundreds of applications in the past three years. She also writes business for life, accident, term and final expense plans outside of her partnership with RBI.

Previous experience in the industry and being a people person first got her thinking about becoming an agent in 2009.

“I’ve always worked in insurance, but I was on the other side of it, doing underwriting. I got tired of just being behind a desk all day,” she says. “I figured since I love working with people and I’ve been in insurance for 20 years, why not become an agent?”

Teresa adds that the best part about appointments is helping seniors understand Medicare.

“We sit down and do an analysis of what they have going on and what they’re trying to accomplish, then we come to an agreement, look at all the plans and say ‘This is what we want,'” she says. “That’s the joy I have. I don’t try to oversell them or overinsure.”

Teresa shows prospective clients how Medicare works each time even if every appointment does not end with her writing an application and gaining another client.

“I’m kind of like their consultant — I just make sure it’s something they can afford when it comes to purchasing Medicare Advantage and life insurance plans,” she says, adding “These folks are just standing at the door waiting for me. I love it.”

A variety of plans are available in Georgia, where Teresa produces. She says this helps her clients see their options with Medicare Advantage.

“There are so many different plans,” she says. “Once you get with the different carriers you can offer your clients a variety so you’re not risking putting them on a plan that doesn’t work for them.”

Customer service is the vital part of selling insurance — it’s not just about the sale, Teresa says.

“You’re not done once you’ve enrolled somebody,” she says. “You call them back throughout the year and check up on them. You may not be able to check up on everybody, but there are some that stand out, and you know you have to call them.”

As for calling RB Insurance, Teresa says she has a similar experience with our broker trainers.

“I won’t look at anyone else. RBI helped me get through certification when I first started. I was so confused,” she says. “When I call, I don’t even have to worry — with other companies you can’t even get somebody on the phone, but at RBI you can always talk to somebody.”

Thanks for your excellent work, Teresa! We’re here to make it happen for you.

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