RBI Agents: Your Voice Matters

If there is one thing that we at RBI take seriously, it is how successful our agents are in meeting their business goals.  Your voice matters to us, and as a company, our ever-present goal is to provide you with the best services, tools, and resources in the industry.  That includes, at times, some soul-searching for ways to do better. So here we are, on the last day of January 2017, taking a look at what you have to say to us.

Taking a pulse of RBI AgentsYour Voice Matters

You may recall that at the end of AEP, we sent out a survey to all our agents, asking for feedback on how your AEP went, and ways that we could improve your experience with RBI. We also followed up with phone calls to every agent on our books, asking them the same questions. Questions like: “How many sales do you plan to make per month?” or “What can RBI do to earn more of your business?” and “Would you recommend RBI to other agents/agencies?” The response we got from our agents was amazing. So many of you took the time to speak to us, or filled out the survey on your own — and we are grateful!

We asked, you answered.

As with any survey, we got a lot of different types of feedback, from the laconic agent who responded with one word answers to the humorous (How can we improve? “Give me donuts”).  But the majority of your responses were thoughtful, and thought-provoking. You asked for things like “can I get more training,” or more marketing support, or pointed out carriers that RBI should pick up, so the agents could have the benefit of an FMO-advocate in that relationship.  And above all else, you asked for better communication, so that if we did offer training and so on, you would know what was available to you. We took all those responses and reflected on how we as a company could turn that feedback into action.

Your voice matters – and leads to actual change!

Here are some of the big changes that we have implemented for this year:

  • Webinar Wednesday: Now we offer weekly training webinars on Wednesday mornings at 10 AM MST, each one covering a different Medicare-related topic.  We limited these to about 30-45 minutes long, to be mindful of time-constraints for our busy agents. Join in by clicking here to see the calendar and register!
  • Medicare IntensivesNext we added in some live events in our office, to help out those agents who do better in a “classroom” setting. We formatted these to be a longer, deeper look into Medicare topics, and added in a simulcast option for agents that live out of state.
  • RBI Classroom emails: You may have noticed an increase in the emails you are receiving from us. We want to make sure you are informed about the ways we are available to help you, the tools and training that you can access. With RBI Classroom emails, you can see these resources and training in real time.
  • Additional Carriers + Changes in contracting: We are in the process of adding 10 additional carriers across the US, based upon your AEP survey responses. We also updated the way our contracting process works on our website, to make it even easier to get contracted with the right carriers.
  • Agent Market Edge + Promotions: We have updated the Agent Market Edge online portal with additional products and services, and expanded our marketing credits offerings.  We are developing and testing new compliant mailers for hospital indemnity, final expense and more!
  • Updated Blog Content: If you have been on our blog before, you know that we always strive to make sure it has tons of great content. But navigating on the blog has been difficult, so we have updated the categories and “related content.” Now finding what you’re looking for is much easier.
  • NEW Vlogging component: We recognize that not everyone is a “written word” person. And as one more way that RBI is going above and beyond this year, we are adding a video-log (“vlog”) segment to our blog.  This feature went live just a few days ago — we are extremely excited to expand this in the coming months!

What’s the bottom line?

We love our agents. And we want to do right by you. You asked us for meaningful change and we are doing our very best to make it happen for you. If you like what we are doing, please consider being a part of our family by contracting with us. If you are already contracted with RBI, don’t forget that if you refer an agent to us, you can participate in our marketing credit program!  See all the details here.

Finally, as part of our on-going efforts to be the best FMO around, we’ve created another survey to check in. Please take a moment and tell us how we are doing with our new programs! Click here to leave feedback or call us at 1-800-997-3107 to speak to one of our team!