Did you miss Webinar Wednesday this week? Catch up by watching our Reboot: Finding Dual Eligibles Roll-up, below!

Our Dual Eligibles webinar was so popular we brought it back with this reboot! Dual Eligibles are a very under-served market, due in part to a lack of training for agents. RBI is here to fix this problem. If you are not sure where to start, watch our Reboot: Finding Dual Eligibles Roll-up below.

Here’s a few things you may not know about Dual Eligibles:

  • A Dual Eligible client is someone who qualifies for both Medicare (a federal program) and Medicaid (a state program).
  • Dual Eligibles have a year-round SEP, or Special Enrollment Period, which means they can be enrolled into a plan year-round.
  • Dual Eligibles are a very underserved community, with many members not fully understanding what help is available
  • Join Charlie Ferrell, RBI’s National Sales Manager, in our 60 Second Roll-up below for more details!

Reboot: Finding Dual Eligibles Roll-up

Look for this symbol on all our new “60 Second Roll-up” videos!

As you heard, there is a lot of opportunity to grow your business by serving this community. If you would like to get more details, you can watch the recording of the Webinar Wednesday, by clicking here.

Click here to attend our event “Contracting for Success” to learn how to build a portfolio that works for you! You can follow this link to see a list of our carrier partners and get contracted with a Dual Eligible product in your area.

Still not quite sure what’s next?  RBI has resources for you! Click here to sign up for our Medicare Marketing Crash Course on March 28.  Attend in person at RBI’s Chandler, AZ office, or join us via live stream!  Call RBI at 1-800-997-3107 to speak to our expert team! 

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