What’s not to love about sales?

Do you love sales? 

Don’t think about the no-show yesterday or the charge-backs last month.  Don’t think about the “easy” sale you closed yesterday.  Your answer should allow for the ups and downs that come with the territory of the business.

I love sales.  Why, you ask?

Sales move the world!  It connects supply (a seller) to demand (a buyer).  A closed sale is the result of solving someone’s problem, meeting his or her needs, or fulfilling his or her wishes.  It can be a simple piece of candy that brings a smile to a child or a final expense policy that brings peace to a family.

Sales is vital to the way we live.  Think of the last five things you purchased.  How did you decide to buy them?  How were they sold to you?  It could have been a commercial, a BOGO offer (Love those!) or a sales person on the showroom floor.

As a sales person with 30 years of experience, being involved in that process has been my awesome honor and responsibility.  If that weren’t enough, sales provides the professional with three perks seldom found in other careers:

The first is emancipation.  There was a point early on in my career,where I was deskbound, working a 9-to-5 job. I felt stifled and limited.  Then I found sales.  It brought me freedom from my desk, and I felt like I was running my own business.  I was introduced to new people and new opportunities daily.  You should be excited about the possibilities of sales because with it, you have the freedom to control your day and your destiny!

The next is gratification.  If you are new to sales or a seasoned pro, you have likely experienced the good feeling that comes from helping someone in fulfill a need or desire.  When your level of service is so excellent they tell their friends about you —they refer you by name — you have an even higher satisfaction.  You should feel great about what you do to have an impact on your clients’ daily lives!

Third is remuneration.  This fancy word means money — literally, the payoff.  Sales professionals, at the top of their game, are compensated well for the value they bring.  Remuneration is proportional to the value you create for the clients and the corresponding return on investment to the companys you represent.  You should feel good about being paid for a good day’s service.  As you serve, you deserve!

Make no mistake, sales can be tough.  Those who are the most successful understand the nobility of sales, the value it creates and its importance.  Take a few moments today to think about what you love about your chosen profession.

There you have it. What’s not to love about sales career path?