Show clients what’s really going on with doctor compensation

Our recent Harbor Health Plan 2016 Medicare Advantage product roll-out meeting in Detroit was one of the few meetings I’ve been a part of where a single agent didn’t leave early (That’s directed toward those of you who have stepped out, say, a few hours before an industry affair was totally over — you know who you are). In case you missed it or are curious about what packed the house, let me give you a quick rundown here.

I set the stage with a piece of information that applies to any open-access network plan you can sell during AEP. RB Insurance currently has Harbor Health Plan in Michigan, Allegian Health Plans in Texas and Phoenix Health Plans in Arizona available for agent contracting.

Help your prospects and existing clients looking to make a change see the difference between doctor compensation models that affect their freedom of choice. The differences between open-access networks and what are called capitated networks can be the deal breaker in your appointments this AEP. Your prospect or client is looking for freedom of choice as their bottom line, so why not show them where it is?

Open-access plans have similarities to PPO networks because a member does not need to get a referral from a primary care physician (PCP) in order to make an appointment with a specialist. Open-access plans that use a Fee For Service (FFS) model only pay doctors when you see them for care. On the other hand, many HMO networks today use capitated provider payments to control costs and access to health resources. That means members must receive a referral from a PCP to visit a specialist unless they have an existing treatment plan. Doctors in capitated networks are paid monthly regardless if patients see them or not.

The limitations don’t stop there with capitated networks. A patient often has a limited window of time to see the specialist they’ve been referred to. With open-access plans, patients can go to any doctor in the network as many times as they like without worrying about referrals or being surprised by a crowded PCP office.

There you go: Use freedom of choice as your sales pitch and educate your prospects and clients about how their care is received. Providing them with this information will increase your close ratio during AEP.

Following me, 6 Hours to 6 Figures author, speaker and 30-year industry veteran Brandon Clay got into his element as he let the audience in on his new online training series. He went over the nuts and bolts of the sales process, showing agents how to maximize each step’s potential for sales.

Brandon showed a lot of agents how to let new and already existing clients you’re still there for them after the sale and promoted life insurance. The goal, of course, is to lock in renewals and generate referrals. You can catch up with Brandon’s posts on our blog here to get in on his expertise.

Everyone loved what he had to say, and I think they’re all motivated to follow through on his word this AEP. I hope the same goes for you.

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