RB Insurance Group Managing Member: Bob Bever

Bob is the managing member of RB Insurance Group, LLC, an FMO based in Arizona, specializing in providing senior insurance agents with family-style customer service, without sacrificing the tools and resources of a much larger corporation. Bob is an expert in direct sales and leadership, and a proud 4th generation Arizona Native! Bob has over 35+ years of experience in the health insurance industry, and his past experience includes working as a field agent for Intergroup, Health Net, Cigna and Farmers. Since 1978 when Bob first got licensed as an insurance agent, to now, his focus has been on bringing excellence to the senior health insurance industry. Bob has a heart for seniors, and his no-nonsense approach and dry humor have endeared him to the clients and the agents he works with. Bob is semi-retired now, but his values of hard work, a positive attitude, and being an advocate for the needs of his clients continue to be the guiding principles of RBI.

Stay Focused on Earning Money

RBI’s Managing Member, Bob Bever

At the beginning of the year, we talked about how to set realistic goals for the year, and how to make sure your opportunities from AEP didn’t slip away.  If you’ve been dedicated about working hard on your plan this whole time, chances are you’re getting a little worn-out. Not to mention, this time of year brings its own set of challenges. There’s so much sunshine and good weather all around, and fun events like graduations, vacations, baseball games, etc. Human nature being what it is, it’s easy to get busy on the things that don’t actually make you money. Everyone needs a break to get your motivation back, but be careful not to get caught up in the day-to-day of summer fun and forget to check in on your goals. Pull out the list from the first of the year every week and evaluate how you’re doing. Do you need to get back on track?

Stay focused on earning money

stay focused on earning money

This time of year is full of great activities, but stay focused on earning money!

My advice for this time of year is simple: return to the basics.  For those agents that work in the senior insurance market and are not “hobbyists,” you should be spending half to two-thirds of your time in your business. That’s between 30 to 40 hours of your week on work time. And there’s plenty to do this time of year.

Stay in touch with your clients

Don’t forget to be making an effort to stay in contact with your existing clients, whether through a friendly phone call, or a postcard. Your clients are your primary source for new business so be sure to take very good care of them, and ask them to refer others to you as well.  9 times out of 10 the hottest leads you get are referrals from someone the beneficiary trusts.  Over time, this will secure your future for years to come, I can assure you.

Look over your portfolio

Evaluate your contracts, make sure you’ve got all the plans that are competitive in your market. Do you have all the product training that you need to serve your members?

Look for new opportunities

Stay focused on earning money

Grow your business with new opportunities.

If you’re looking for other opportunities, it’s a great time of year to start to make additional contacts with providers, nursing homes, and other community resources for seniors. Many agents will be going on vacation or slacking off this time of year, and if you are able to build a relationship now, or sponsor community events, you’ll be able to reach more potential clients later. Something to keep in mind is that with the changes in government and the rumblings about a new under-65 healthcare roll-out, many beneficiaries are concerned about their coverage. Now is a good time to meet with members to provide some reassurance, and hold educational events to explain how Medicare works with Medicare 101 classes.

Want some ideas of new and different ways to market in your community?

Check out our “Community Marketing” webinar where we talk about the different events and ideas you can do to generate new business! RBI can teach you how to “own your own backyard” and become known as the Medicare expert in your community. Have you completed a contract yet? Call our team at 1-800-997-3107 or click here to complete the Fast-Track and get appointed even quicker!

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