Medicare Advantage sales success is still possible!

Each AEP I encounter a wave of new agents who want to know if there is still success to be had in the Medicare Advantage industry.  My answer to each of them is an enthusiastic “Yes!”

I understand there have been changes and challenges as the industry has evolved, but  I believe they have actually created an even greater possibility of success for the senior insurance advisor who has the right perspective.

I believe you need three things to be successful: The right opportunity, the right timing and the right people.

We’ve all heard that 10,000 people a day are turning 65. This represents people who will need someone to help them navigate the complex healthcare and insurance options.  They will need a trusted advisor. and that could be you. Take the opportunity!

We’re in a period of corporate consolidation as plans acquire other plans.  There are changes coming to Medicare Supplements that will govern consumer choice.  Marketing guidelines are ever-evolving and agents have to be compliant.  In spite of the changes, the timing is still right.  Beneficiaries are still faced with making choices, and they will have more questions than ever as things continue to change. You can be the one they turn to for advice!

The days of the “lone wolf” producer are numbered.  Partnerships are now more important than ever to be successful in senior sales.  You need the right contracts with the best products.  Not only that, you need the right training and marketing approaches that can help you get in front of prospects and convert them to clients. That puts a premium on the type of marketing organization you get involved with.  Do you currently have the right partners to help you become successful?

The rewards are great for those that will are willing to do what it takes to have success and build their business. Don’t let success pass you by!

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