Top Ten Ways to Promote Yourself on a Budget

Top 10

We are all searching for free or inexpensive marketing methods to increase our bottom line. We at the Agent’s Advantage have compiled our top ten low-cost (and no-cost) ideas which will pay dividends year-round. Some immediately, others long-term.

  1. Ask for referrals! You know someone is going to talk to your client’s friends. It might as well be you!
  2. Host monthly educational events i.e. “Medicare 101” at your local senior center, church or apartment complex. Educational events do not have to be reported to CMS. Knowledge sells!
  3. Become an active member of your community and establish yourself as THE Medicare insurance expert. Consider purchasing ad space in newsletters, sponsoring BINGO, or volunteering at a senior center.
  4. Never underestimate the power of social media. Studies are showing that over 56% of adults 65 and older with internet access use Facebook, and that number is increasing. Create a Facebook page for your agency (even if you’re the solo agent!) Post content specifically geared toward your community. Share local events, interesting news updates, feel-good stories, and insurance-related articles that are relevant to your clients. Facebook is a gReferral Leads Quotereat way to stay in front of your clients.
  5. Network, network, network! Join a local business networking group. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce, Business Networking International  or Make connections and get your name out there!
  6. Get to know the media. Cultivate relationships with local newspaper, television and radio reporters. Pass along story ideas and make yourself available as an expert on all things Medicare-related. Ask to be a guest speaker on a local radio show to discuss important senior issues. The media is a great resource for increasing your name recognition.
  7. Promote your clients! Did you recently help a coffee shop owner pick out the perfect Medigap plan? Exchange advertising! Ask them to promote your agency on social media and local business review sites, and do the same for them.
  8. Boost your reputation by asking friends and clients to write honest (and hopefully positive) reviews of your services on social media. Be sure to set up your Google Business Profile.
  9. Built a website and use your logo and URL everywhere. Professional-looking websites can be built easily and expensively (even free!) on sites such as Wix, Weebly, WordPress and Blogger. Not very web-savvy? Check out Fiverr for inexpensive virtual assistance!
  10. Talk to Financial planners about what they are doing for their clients as they age into Medicare. Most Financial Planners budget for medical costs but lack the expertise to find the best fit for their clients.

Remember… he who climbs a tree and hollers is the one that gets the dollars!

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