Elizabeth Spann

Senior Agent Contributor: Elizabeth Spann

Author Bio: My husband, Gary, and I started out in senior insurance sales in 1985, selling Medicare Supplements!  Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to sell other products, but always seem to come back to senior insurance. Our business goal is to honor our clients’ wishes and needs with kindness and excellent service. We love our clients and look at them more as close friends than clients. When we aren’t working, we recharge by taking advantage of the beautiful landscape here in Arizona, and relax with friends and family.

What Is Love: is your FMO committed to you?

Senior Agent Contributor: Elizabeth Spann

Do you love your FMO? I certainly do! In my experience over the years, finding an FMO that works for my business goals is really rare.  Some FMOs are technology forward, but not very agent-friendly; some have great sales support, but no training; or worst of all are the FMOs that provide nothing beyond the initial contract. Working with RB Insurance Group isn’t that way. Instead, my experience with RBI has made me a better agent, and helped me to increase my reach by partnering my business efforts.

So what is love for an FMO relationship? Here’s my own run-down of the top 5 reasons I love RBI.

  1. Marketing Credits – I can’t say enough about this generous program! For every five Medicare Advantage sales that I make throughout the year, I earn $125 in marketing credits to spend any way I choose – for mailers, client letters, and more.  I love this program and use these marketing credits all the time to market my business. With RBI’s help, I am able to put more appointments on my calendar every week.

    What is Love?

    Is your FMO committed to your needs?

  2. Leads – As an independent agent, I’m always looking for leads.  RBI helps me talk to more qualified prospects about their insurance needs through targeted lead-generating mailers and other marketing. If I purchase leads from RBI, they show up in my Medicare Sales Engine account right away. I just love hearing that text message alert on my cell phone every time a new lead is placed in my account!
  3. Sales Support – The team at RBI is knowledgeable and caring. Each person at RBI has helped in a different way to grow and develop my business. If I need sales advice when I’m in an appointment, I know that I can call Charlie Ferrell (RBI’s National Sales Manager) and get a timely response.  Whether I need help with contracts or commissions, or some new marketing ideas to raise awareness for my business, I know that RBI is only a phone call away.
  4. Training – My number one priority is serving my clients well. RBI helps me to do this by providing training on a wide variety of topics throughout the year. The RBI team conducts webinars, one-on-one business planning and development meetings, and in person classes and seminars. I love these and take advantage of as many as I can.
  5. Tools – If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to streamline your busy day. The Medicare Sales Engine is free to RBI agents and an extremely valuable tool for growing, organizing, and tracking your business and commissions.  Instead of spending countless hours on busy-work in my office, I can work much more effectively in one system. When I want to develop new markets, need more leads to call, or just want to stay in touch with my clients, Agent Market Edge helps me do all this and more. By using these two tools I can keep my hard-earned business on the books year after year and build that renewal check.

The bottom line is, as an independent agent myself, working in the senior market, I love working with RB Insurance because:

RBI helps me to be a better agent and make more money for my family!

So I’ll ask you again: do you love working with your current FMO? If not, you might want to give RB Insurance the opportunity to show you what they can do to make your business more profitable this year.

Happy Valentine’s Day, RB Insurance! Love from, Liz

What is love in your FMO relationship? Is your FMO committed to your needs? At RBI, we love working with our agents to achieve more! If you want to get started with RBI, you can click here for a list of carriers.  Call us to get started as well, at 1-800-997-3107!

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