Justin Bever

Director of Marketing: Justin Bever

Author Bio: In his 10 years since joining the family business in 2008 as a Broker Support Representative, Justin has made innovation his top priority. Justin is passionate about bringing technology into agent’s toolboxes, and has developed tools such as a direct mail program for lead generation (2011); Medicare Compare (2013), an online tool for beneficiaries complete with its own brand identity; and the Medicare Sales Engine (2014), a fully integrated Client Relationship Manager for agents.  Justin’s most recent accomplishment is the Agent Market Edge (2016), an online portal that integrates RBI and their print + fulfillment partners to make marketing accessible to agents. When he is not leveraging technology to produce exciting new tools for agents, Justin’s hobbies are skiing, hiking, and cooking exquisite meals in the company of his high school sweetheart and wife, Cassie. 

Your FMO Should Work for You (Part 1 of 2)

Director of Marketing: Justin Bever

We get a lot of calls at RBI from agents that find us online and they tell us the same story: I’m struggling to make the sales that will set me up for success long term.  When we ask what kind of support these agents are getting from their upline or FMO, many times the answer is a “they call me before AEP but not the rest of the year.” Another favorite answer is “they call me all the time, but when I need help, they don’t return my calls.” Oftentimes the response is a simple “my FMO doesn’t support me at all.” At RBI, we think that’s unacceptable, because an agent that isn’t getting the support from an FMO, is an agent that won’t be effective at making sales. In other words, your FMO should work for you!  Here’s 5 secrets that you should keep in mind when evaluating your FMO relationship, because you are worth it!

The 5 secrets your FMO never told you:

  1. Training is king. As agents, your ability to be effective in the field is directly related to your sales ability. Your FMO should know this, and be actively supporting you to be a stronger agent. Are you a part of a FMO that has industry knowledge to help you grow? What about training opportunities?  Do you have access to tools to expand your expertise?
  2. Look for measurable benefits. When you think about any business goal or relationship, it’s important to think in terms of measurable benefits. As a small business, you know that your time is worth something. So put your relationship with your FMO into those terms too. Does your FMO save you time or money? Does your FMO enable you to be more efficient in how you allocate your resources? Does your FMO provide you tools that help you to save money?  Is there training available to help you grow your business?

    Your FMO Should Work for You

    If your FMO is a megaphone, is it getting your message across?

  3. Marketing support is a must! Though many agencies claim to be a “Field Marketing Organization,” very few actually provide REAL marketing services to agents. If you are the only one marketing your business, your ability to bring in new sales is going to be very small. Your FMO should work for you, amplifying your marketing efforts so that your reach is broader, deeper, more effective. Picture your FMO as a megaphone – is your megaphone working?  Are you talking into the right end?  Is it pointed in the right direction?  Is it a big enough megaphone to be effective?
  4. Ask about Compliance Support. As much as we talk about compliance in the Medicare insurance industry, it’s an area that agents often overlook in an FMO relationship. Having a compliance resource on call is a powerful way to protect both yourself as an agent, as well as your clients’ best interests.  Are you getting the most out of the resources available to you? Can you call with compliance questions? Does someone from your FMO look over your postcards and letters to make sure you’re compliant? Does your FMO handle any allegations on your behalf, or are you on your own?
  5. Focus on Customer Support. When you call your FMO, do they answer the phone? Are you able to get answers to your questions or do you get the run-around? If they need to call you back, do they follow up in a timely manner? Does your FMO advocate for you with carriers?  Your FMO should be fun to work with, and should make your life easier!  If they are not, it’s time to take a serious look at why you are sticking with that relationship.

We Make It Happen For You!

At RBI, we take the trust that our agents have in us very seriously.  Your success is our success. Stay tuned, as next week we will talk about how RBI is committed to being a different kind of FMO!

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