Your game-changing mid-AEP pep talk

Between babysitting their existing book of business and chasing down quality leads to create new business, agents are bound to be feeling a mixture of exhaustion and frustration at this point of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. Can you relate?

Don’t worry. If you’re not seeing the success you think you should as we reach the halfway mark, you still have time to turn things around. 

My advice for agents looking to strengthen their sales practices is to focus on time management and asking for referrals. Make sure you’re keeping as many appointments as you can by planning your day in advance. Be honest with yourself about your work capacity and make wise investments to make sure you don’t fall behind (I recommend reading my recent posts on hiring an administrative assistant or compliant meeting spaces that require less travel to help you further see my point). Before you wrap up with each of those appointments, remember referrals.

Asking for referrals makes a lot of agents uncomfortable because they may have never learned how to do it properly, and some agents just plain forget to ask. It’s a shame because referrals are more than the greatest “thank you” a client could give you — they’re also the easiest leads to pick up.

It’s simple: Referrals are a natural part of the conversation during an appointment. If you’re making appointments with clients in their homes or at a coffee shop to answer questions about a plan or to review any plan changes, you’ve already set the stage by showing your expertise and that you can understand seniors’ specific health and financial needs. Hopefully you’ve made an effort to keep in touch with them throughout the year or have made yourself available for phone calls or emails.

It’s not impolite to remind your clients that referrals are the best way for them to thank you for your efforts. Being an agent is your business — it’s also how you pay for your daughter’s tuition or buy diapers for a little one. Don’t belabor this point as you let them know you appreciate them putting in a good word for you with their friends and family. They will more than likely be able to think of someone if you’ve provided excellent customer service and have helped them meet their needs. This mindset will pay you big dividends for years to come if you convert your new Leads and factor in renewals.

A book of 300 clients is typical for an agent. If each of these clients gives you just one referral because you find a way to request it in your sales practice, you could have 300 fresh Leads.

Remember: Plan your work and work your plan. AEP will be over before you know it. Now get back out there and help everyone you talk to see the true value of your knowledge and services for their health care needs.

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